This week is dedicated to keeping you healthy during cold and flu season!

Question of the day: You’re in the bathroom at the airport washing your hands this holiday season and you have a very important choice. Paper towel or hand blower?

The old opinion was hand blower because you don’t have to touch anything and it warms your hands. Apparently things have changed. According to The Wall Street Journal, using a paper towel is much more hygienic than hand blowers. Hand blowers can blow and spread germs up to 3-6 feet from  the actual wall mount. Another issue with blowers is that most people never wait for their hands to fully dry and end up wiping them on dirty jeans or coats. The truth is there is still no substitute for good ole soap, water and paper towels. Make sure you wash your hands long enough, paying attention to under the nails, where germs can hide. Always completely dry your hands and then take a paper towel to turn off the sink (if it’s not sensor activated) so you don’t have to touch the dirty faucet again. Take an extra one to open the door on your way out or you may just contaminate your hands all over again.

All this talk about germs makes me want to carry around a few pairs of latex gloves and just keep changing them, but that would look crazy…. Another tip for air travel is a surgical mask, which helps to keep germs away from your mouth and nose. Travel safe, w
ash your hands and take your vitamins!

I’m back from the other side….did you miss me? I got sick! I cannot believe it-it’s been two years. Despite all the daily Vitamin D intake, exercise and eating well, a germ got me. I guess I must’ve been run down.

Of course this happened at the worst time possible, three days before my cousin’s wedding, that I was a bridesmaid in. I was panicked, I could feel it coming on. I increased my vitamins to 6000 mg of Vitamin D, 2000 mg of Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea. Nothing was helping.  I slept, pushed fluids but the sinus infection was causing pain, pressure and a fever. I finally caved and started a z-pac. I usually am very against antibiotics because of the abuse of them in our society.  At the first sign of a sore throat Americans start popping antibiotics, eventually causing resistance to these drugs and possibly superbugs to thrive. In this particular situation I needed to take antibiotics to treat the sinus infection and relive my fever.  I have to admit that within 12 hours of starting I felt better.  Within 24 hours I was almost well and within 36 I completely better.

I think that taking antibiotics when necessary is fine but watch how dependent you are on them.  The problem is if you take them too often, they won’t work as well when you may actually need them. There is no way to stay safe from getting sick this winter season, just keeping washing your hands and getting as much sleep as possible.

The dizzying experience of sifting through magazines, websites and retail stores in search for the “perfect” holiday gift for that special someone is exhausting. Whether you are on the hunt for the entertaining obsessed co-worker, hard-to-please boss, beauty junkie or fashionista lover, we’ve highlighted our top gift choices that have our recipients rejoicing year-after-year. Your search has come to an end if you are reading this. Now, Happy Holiday’s – enjoy this time rather than stressing on that gift!


The Hostess: 

Being a candle aficionado myself, I always turn to my favorite brand, Diptique (from Paris), for my go-to hostess gift. Barney’s has the best selection and the scents are TO-DIE-FOR. Trust me on this one, your hostess will LOVE this thank-you-for-having-me gift!

These rad agate coasters add a pop to any room and make a perfect gift for that party throwing person. Maison 140, a European design/furnishing store, has a great selection at affordable prices ($9.00 a pop) and a wide range of colors to choose from.  Another site to check out is Rab Labs – these guys really hit it home when crafting the chicest home accessories!

Beauty Queen:

Can’t go wrong with that Holiday red! Lippmann hits it home with this hue “Lady Is The Tramp”! 

For those late nights drinking egg nog at all those holiday parties, Bright Eyes is my life saver for keeping my eyes looking like i got 10 hours a sleep! Hands down, BEST EYE CREAM ON THE MARKET!


Listen up, everyone is a fashionista deep down! My top gifts for any woman on your list this year.

JCrew makes killer sparkles. Their jewelry looks great with any outfit – casual or decked out. One of JCrew’s head designers just branched out and launched her own line too Lele Sadoughi is her name, so check out these baubles as well.