Meet one of our favorite fashion icons,Pia Arrobio. We have been following her for quite some time and she’s garnered tremendous flight in the fashion world. She is the founder of LPA, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand that has been seen on Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid and Madonna. LPA has quickly become known for its faux-fur jackets, silky slip dresses (the best!) and chunky knit sweaters that can be found at Revolve and Forward by Elyse Walker. Prior to launching LPA, Arrobio had worked as a designer for The Reformation, where she dreamed of taking the risk to launch her own brand.

What are your go-to wellness travel essentials? 

Wellness formula, and a million EO lavender hand wipes.

Check bags or carry-on?

Carry on always

Tell us about the last trip you took?

My husband and I drove to San Fran/Napa for a long weekend. 

What is your go-to travel attire?

LPA slip dresses and sweaters 

 Do you have a favorite airline snack? Or do you prefer an airline meal?

I never eat on a plane! I eat something light before, perhaps a banana. If it’s a long flight I have a tequila or two and go to sleepy town. 

 How do you avoid jet lag?

I drink Moon Juice Dream Dust to sleep and have an espresso to stay awake! It’s all about landing back at home and not going to sleep until your usual bed time. 

Tell us about one of your favorite travel experiences

The first time my husband took me to Sicily. We spent the night at his friends masseria in Noto and the next morning drove up a long tiny winding hill to a small town where be proposed to me in the same church from The Godfather. It was Christmas eve, everyone was inside and the smell of the food being prepared in the homes was unbelievable. We cried and hiked up to an old castle and watched the ocean before we drove to his parents for dinner.

How do you spend the majority of your time in flight? aking my husband watch the same movie as me, and then falling asleep. 

Making my husband watch the same movie as me, and then falling asleep.

What are your top 3 Carry-On items you cant travel without? 

EO wipes, a blowup neck pillow and MOISTURIZER. 

What is your secret for keeping your skin healthy and glowing while you are traveling?

Drinking so much water!

We had the great fortune of sitting down with NIKKI BOSTWICK, FOUNDER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, THE FULLEST, a publication built on pop culture, wellness, finances, politics and more (basically everything that you want to read about). Nikki is a force to be reckoned with – running a busy household with a toddler, spearheading multiple burgeoning business(ES) – in addition to The Fullest, make sure to check out her podcast Morning Matcha, she has just recently launched the most delicious saffron latte (a must buy). Take notes everyone.

What are your go-to wellness travel essentials?

I never wear makeup on the plane because I somehow end up breaking out- I haven’t pinpointed exactly why but I noticed a face mist and some face oil are all I need on travel days to keep my skin hydrated and keep it from getting clogged up. Speaking of face oil, it is my number one skin essential whether I am traveling or at home- I always have my face oil with me. I also bring essential oils to help us sleep soundly. We also love requesting a humidifier from our hotels, again because it helps keep our skin hydrated and we wake up more refreshed!

Check bags or carry-on?

With a kid it’s a check bag kind of lifestyle!

What are your top 3 Carry-On items you can’t travel without?

I bring our saffron latte wellness blend with me because It makes me feel nourished when I drink it as my morning “breakfast” before I start my day- while traveling or not. Another must – antibacterial wipes! We like the natural kind so it doesn’t strip our skin from its natural microbiome. Whole Foods sells a good lavender scented one.

Last trip you took?

Seattle to visit my inlaws! We love the North West!

What do you wear when you fly?

I go as comfortable as possible- usually in my cashmere jumper, no bra, some sort of cover-up and sneakers or sandals.

Best airline snack or meal?

I avoid all airline food even when in First Class. i usually grab a bag of pistachios and water at one of the counters before boarding the plane so I can avoid the service altogether.

How do you avoid jet lag?

With a 10 month old, my sleep cycle has been pretty crazy so I don’t experience jet lag because that is now my constant state of mind! But it is nice to try and stay up as best you can the first day and acclimate to your new time zone by staying awake until its bedtime in your new timezone.

Favorite city? 


Kindle, iPad or book? 

A real book all the way

How do you practice sustainability on the go? 

I am horrible at it but one think I do as part of my lifestyle is sticking to mainly plant based foods and that is definitely the most simple way for me to stay eco friendly.

What are your favorite Eco-Friendly Products to travel with? 

I like to request a bathtub and bring bath salts with me and love a zinc-based sunscreen (better for the reefs to avoid using all those chemicals).


Marianna Jamadi is a travel photographer who is based in the LA area. She is a creature of nomadic habit always with her passport ready. When she is not shooting, you can find her doodling, sewing, and always on the quest of expansion. Follow along with her awe-inspiring Instagram feed, Nomadic Habit, as she captures the magical places in which she snaps behind the lense here.

What are your go-to wellness travel essentials? 

doTerra On-Guard Beadlets, Ginger Yogi Tea, probiotics!

Check bags or carry-on? 

Carry-on if possible but if I’m traveling for work, I often have to check a back for photo equipment purposes.

Tell us about the last trip you took?

 I was down in Los Cabos, Mexico exploring with Four Seasons Los Cabos at Costa Palmas. As they are opening in the fall, I got a first hand sneak peek at this much anticipated project which will redefine what a Cabo experience can be. It’s situated on the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez side which means swimmable beaches and wild undiscovered terrain.

What is your go-to travel attire? 

You can usually find me layered in Matter Prints, Par en Par,  with a Yellow 108 hat, and Mohinders for slip on ease.

How do you avoid jet lag? 

Still working on mastering this! Often it feels like it’s just part of the process of travel. I will try to plan flights accordingly that may help with this or plan for a day of rest when I arrive.

Tell us about one of your favorite travel experiences?

With Mexico top of mind, we got to hike to a waterfall in Baja which was pristine and stunning. Upon arrival there was no one else in sight. We got to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape, waterfall, and surrounding rock pools to the tune of birds and breezes.

How do you spend the majority of your time in flight? 

Flights are always a great place for me to journal and zone out on Podcasts.

What are your top 3 Carry-On items you cant travel without? 

A scarf to keep warm or as a pillow to sleep, chapstick, and my headphones.

What is your secret for keeping your skin healthy and glowing while you are traveling? 

Staying hydrated! Knowing the climate I’m going to. Is it humid? Dry? Then I will pack my products accordingly. Been loving the Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub for that extra glow. Lastly, of course, sunscreen!