Just a few of our favorite things we’ve seen lately. ! The MET is exhibiting Punk:Chaos to Couture on exhibit and it looks amazing! It examines Punk’s influence on fashion, hence all the gothic/punk fashion statements made this year at The Met Gala. Vivianne Westwood and the Sex Pistols!!

If you’re looking for a movie, I saw Frances Ha last week and feel in love with (writer/actress) Greta Gerwig. This movie is funny, smart, sweet with just a touch of melancholia. Think Garden State meets Annie Hall meets an episode of Girls. One of the most honestly written and acted movie in a long time.

Today I am also loving the gladiator sandal. Yes this has been around awhile, but they’re back and I love them. Now that it has finally stopped raining in NYC, we can wear sandals! I think gladiator sandals toughen up any sweet sundress and elevate jeans shorts/short skirts to a higher level of chic.

Last but not least New York finally got Citi-bikes. Not sure why were one of the last cities to get this awesome bike rental program? The rental stations are all over the city and I plan to try one out this weekend. I don’t even ride my own bike in the city! Citi-bikes belong in the park I think, which is where I will take mine. And yes, I will wear my helmet…..

Hope everyone has an awesome fun filled weekend.  What are your fun plans??

If you think you are eating too much sugar, you probably are. In this new world of “gluten free”, “dairy free”, “pescatarian-ism” and “vegan”, the biggest danger is being overlooked. Sugar is a killer! Not only is sugar bad for your waistline but it wreaks havoc on your skin.

Sugar breaks down collagen in the skin, causing sagging, wrinkles and looseness. This is called glycation. Too much sugar can also cause redness, dryness and brittle skin. This takes years to develop but glycation is always occurring as your body breaks down sugar. Think twice before you reach for that candy.

Sugar is found in everything and is most likely lurking in food and drinks that you don’t even think about. This can cause weight gain and high blood sugar levels. When grocery shopping read the ingredients, they’re provided for a reason. Stay clear of ‘hidden sugars’ such as (HFCS) or high fructose corn syrup, maltose, sucrose, fructose and glucose. Beverages are the worst when it comes to hidden sugars. Energy drinks, juice and coffee drinks can contain up to 62 grams of sugar! The recommended daily intake of sugar for women is 24 grams or 6 teaspoons and for men 36 grams or 9 teaspoons. 24-36 grams is still a lot of sugar!

You don’t have to fully cut sugar out of your diet, there are ways to slowly replace it with healthier options. When baking try replacing sugar with almond, vanilla, orange or lemon extract. Try using spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Unsweetened applesauce is another great substitution and its yummy!

Hopefully this didn’t scare you too much, the occasional cheat with chocolate is allowed, just all in moderation. Share your low-sugar/sugar-free recipes with us!

A new fitness trend is surfing its way into cities across the country. Gone are the days you need to live near the ocean to surf, you can now do it as your workout, inside! Surfset is hottest workout class around. Think TRX(for your muscles), Bosu ball(for core and balance) and spinning(for cardio) get married. 

In surfset class you stand on a surf board that simulates surfing. You engage your entire body and depending on which program you choose, you can focus on stability, fat burning, getting ripped or a combination of all. Designed to engage core and stabilizing muscles this class will get your heart rate up and the sweat pouring. For $35 this is no bargain but it is fun.

Check out this fun workout class at www.surfsetfitness.com.