Adelfi x Goldfaden MD: Coloring Sheet

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have partnered with co-founder (and also one of our favorite artists) of Adelfi, Phoebe Tillem, to lead an interactive workshop showcasing how art can be used as create and therapeutic tools. In case you missed our class, you can watch it here and also download the free coloring sheet that Adelfi created specifically for Goldfaden MD, below and enjoy a therapeutic release of coloring and creativity at home.

Coloring Sheet 

A little bit about the brand and our belief in the power of creativity: 

Adelfi is a stationary company created by sisters, Phoebe and Freya, to bring beauty and thoughtful design to everyday creative tools such as journals, pens and planners. We believe in the power of putting pen (or paint!) to paper and find creating transformative. The simple acts of writing, drawing, or painting can reduce fear surrounding the future and open up new creative pathways.

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