Gee Sisters Talk Beauty Secrets

In honor of our launch with Gee Beauty, we spoke with the amazing sisters behind the brand to get the inside scoop on all things beauty, health and wellness. Meet Natalie and Celene Gee.

NatalieGee_CeleneGeeMiami21. The first thing you do when you wake up? 

Celene: I’d like to say that first thing every morning I have warm water with lemon, but sometimes (most of the time) it’s make coffee… then my Bright Eyes (first of two morning applications).

Natalie: I’ve got a one track mind in the morning. Must Workout. So, with that said, I make my coffee and apply my Gee Beauty Tinted Moisturizer.

2. What is your nighttime regimen? 

Celene: I remove my makeup with Gee Beauty Brightening water & Eye Makeup remover. I’m trying to be gentler with my lashes instead of rubbing off mascara to harshly. Then I cleanse and treat with a brightening or refining treatment to keep my skin clear and bright. Bright Eyes & lash & brow growth serums.

Natalie: Depending on how I feel, my routine can be two steps or 20! But here goes one I love: Cleanse with Pure Start that I also mix with Doctors Scrub (possibly my favourite combination to cleanse and exfoliate). I do love to use Retinol at night too, so depending on my exfoliation, I will apply that after I cleanse. Next, I will apply a hydrating serum and moisturizer that I massage everywhere, all over face, under eyes and neck. Last but certainly not least, I apply Bright Eyes. So good.

3. What do you always have in your makeup bag? 

Celene: Our Soft Taupe Brow pencil, concealer, an our Angelina creamy nude lipstick.

Natalie: Definitely lipstick and I love a shade called Micro Nude, black liner in Coal, and my Fiji Bronzer. All Gee Beauty.

4. What is your hair secret post gym?

Celene: Good dry shampoo is key! I wait one minute after spraying before brushing so it can really absorb any oil. Also my secret is that I grab a round-brush and dry-blow-out a few sections that need smoothing. A clip instead of a tight elastic band also helps lessen any damage to the hair – I twist my hair into a bun and clip it together – so that there’s less of a kink when I take it down.

Natalie: I’ve got curly hair so its not pretty post gym. If I have time to blow dry it I will, otherwise Oribe Dry Texture Shampoo is a dream, and actually their Gold Lust Oil is amazing for frizz and smoothing the ends. The result is a post ‘Gym Chic’ look 🙂

5. How do you stay healthy (diet habits, exercise, vitamins, mental health)? 

Celene: I try to eat natural, whole foods – organic produce and eggs for sure. A few years ago I incorporated a green smoothie into my morning – lots of spinach and kale, green apple, frozen banana and lots of lemon – it’s really changed my skin and energy level.

For exercise, I love to mix Barry’s Bootcamp with yoga and pilates – anything to keep my body moving to stay lean and toned. Feeling strong is the most important element for me. Yoga has really helped keep me in the present moment and I feel a lot lighter and clearer when I’m finished.

Natalie: I believe it’s so personal, so you have to find what works for your mind, body and soul. For me, I stay healthy through working out. When I am strong physically, everything about my life is healthier. I try to eat clean, and I do love nutrition, and talking about nutrition. But, I also love carbs. So the balance is Carbs & My Super Elixir (a greens supplement that I drink daily)

6. When do you feel the most beautiful? 

Celene: I feel the most beautiful when I feel relaxed and have been in a good rhythm of taking care of my mind and body. Also when I’m in good company and laughing.

Natalie: When I’m around people I love.

7. What is the one beauty secret you feel compelled to share with all women? 

Celene: What goes into your body is just as important as what you put on your skin. My experience has been that trying to stay away from refined sugar and processed food – coupled with eating whole natural foods including the full color spectrum of vegetables – can really contribute to glowing, younger-looking skin, nails and hair. This, plus daily use of a vitamin C serum and SPF of course!

Natalie: Probably that there is no secret! Beauty should be shared and we should talk about ‘what makes us unique’ with our beauty regimes. Sometimes, I fall asleep with makeup on, so the following night, I will double mask. Its finding the balance and enjoying the process. Learn to love what you put on your skin, not just because of the result, but because you believe in why you’re doing it. Even if its one thing.

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