Women Who Shine: Jennifer Hall Taylor

Meet Jennifer Hall Taylor. She embodies the definition of true beauty with her lust for life and passion for helping others. A GoldfadenMD Woman Who Shines is one who is happy, radiant & making positive change in society all while embodying a true likeness for natural beauty regimens & skincare routines. This is Jennifer.

Jennifer029Photo by Mary McHenry Photography

What is your occupation/what inspired you to get started in this field?

I’m a Holistic Health Coach and a Private Chef. I’ve always been interested in the power of food—as preventative medicine, as nourishment, as fuel, as enjoyment, as a means of connection to a place or a group of people, as a creative outlet. We need food. It’s seems so basic at first glance and it should be so easy, but there are all these incredible and often contradictory social and political forces at play that influence how and what and why we feed ourselves. I went through my own difficult time of trying to apply a cookie cutter model to my diet and health and found myself frustrated and defeated and certainly not at my healthiest. Over time I realized that the more I listened to myself, payed attention to my unique experience and responded to what my body was asking for, the better I felt, the happier I felt, and the healthier I was. It was so empowering, to suddenly begin to understand why I might feel a certain way and how to respond gently and effectively. I went back to school to study holistic nutrition, with no real intention of starting a coaching business, and along the way started sharing pieces of information with friends and family, offering advice and support where I could. Before I was finished with school, people were asking me when I was taking clients. By the time I was half way through my work with my first client, I was completely absorbed. It is so gratifying to watch people transform their health through their own actions, and to see how empowered they become in that transformation. A person’s health then becomes a vehicle for the life he or she really wants to lead.

Describe your beauty routine?

It’s pretty minimal. I dry brush from head to toe a few days a week to keep my circulatory and lymphatic systems invigorated and keep my pores clear and skin happy. I use coconut oil for practically everything—makeup remover, moisturizer, mouth wash, monthly hair treatment. I use either a custom-blended face oil from Kristina Holey or Goldfaden Vital Boost as my moisturizer during the day. When I’m feeling sassy I wear red lipstick and I’m a sucker for a good manicure.

What are three things you can’t live without? 

My yoga practice, real, printed-on-paper books, and my clan (blood related and otherwise).

Jennifer040Photo by Mary McHenry Photography

What is the healthiest thing a person can do?

Breathe, laugh, eliminate stress whenever possible, move your body, get outdoors, disconnect from your electronics every once in a while, and laugh. Did I say laugh?

What do you do for fitness?

So many things. I’ve always had a hard time sitting still. These days I am on my yoga mat almost daily which I think of as more of a mental-health practice than a fitness routine. I run, I rock climb, I walk, I hike, I swim, I cycle, I dance in my living room.

What is your favorite part about being a woman?

The deep bonds I have with other women in my life.

What is the best advice you’ve received from a woman?

Try your best & trust your gut.


What was your favorite thing about Doctors Scrub Advanced?

That it’s made from rubies!!!

Describe beauty?

Confidence. Laugh lines. Evidence of a life well lived.

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