My favorite things, today.

Just a few of our favorite things we’ve seen lately. ! The MET is exhibiting Punk:Chaos to Couture on exhibit and it looks amazing! It examines Punk’s influence on fashion, hence all the gothic/punk fashion statements made this year at The Met Gala. Vivianne Westwood and the Sex Pistols!!

If you’re looking for a movie, I saw Frances Ha last week and feel in love with (writer/actress) Greta Gerwig. This movie is funny, smart, sweet with just a touch of melancholia. Think Garden State meets Annie Hall meets an episode of Girls. One of the most honestly written and acted movie in a long time.

Today I am also loving the gladiator sandal. Yes this has been around awhile, but they’re back and I love them. Now that it has finally stopped raining in NYC, we can wear sandals! I think gladiator sandals toughen up any sweet sundress and elevate jeans shorts/short skirts to a higher level of chic.

Last but not least New York finally got Citi-bikes. Not sure why were one of the last cities to get this awesome bike rental program? The rental stations are all over the city and I plan to try one out this weekend. I don’t even ride my own bike in the city! Citi-bikes belong in the park I think, which is where I will take mine. And yes, I will wear my helmet…..

Hope everyone has an awesome fun filled weekend.  What are your fun plans??

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