Don’t Fear Summer Hair

beach-hairWe all know to protect our face and body with SPF but what about our hair? Summer can be very trying on hair. The beach, the pool, chlorine and over washing and styling can really do a number leaving hair dry and brittle. Below are a few tips to keep hair happy, healthy and looking gorgeous!

The sea can make hair dry and brittle and even though the ‘beachy’ look is in, you don’t want to end up with crunchy stringy hair. After swimming in salt water rinse hair with clean water and then spray in a leave-in conditioning treatment or apply a little dab of conditioner. This will hydrate the hair and keep it soft when it dries. Chlorine is even worse for hair. Chlorine dries hair out and can turn blondes into greens- Yikes! After swimming in chlorine try adding 1/2 cup of vodka to wet hair in the shower. Vodka breaks up mineral deposits that can turn hair green. If you swim a lot then your hair will really need some TLC. Try a DIY hair mask. Olive oil, raw eggs and vinegar will do the trick. Mix them together and leave on hair for 30 minutes- you will be shining in no time.

Sulfate free shampoo/conditioners can be beneficial during the summer months. Sulfates strip hair of color, oil and nutrients, so that on top of chlorine and salt can leave hair looking like a rats nest. The most natural sulfate free products we have found are from Rahua (developed from oil found in the Amazon). Not only do these products protect and heal hair they smell so delicious.

The Sun is another enemy of hair. The Sun will lighten natural and color treated hair, so wear a hat or scarf if you want to stay your chosen shade. If you’re outside for a long period of time remember that your scalp can get sun burned too. This is especially important for people that are bald. SPF and a hat can save your scalp.

Humidity can either be friend or foe when it comes to hair. Learning to use humidity for what it is good for is tricky but not impossible. Humidity is the amount of water in the air. Water equals hydration but too much and it can equal frizz. Start with an anti-humidity shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from heat tools and blow driers as these can cause frizz. Anti-humidity styling cremes and hair sprays are crucial. Try embracing the beachy hair look by using a salt spray (Balman is our choice) it gives hold and a slept in look. Dry heat while saving us from the humidity has the reverse effect and can actually flatten hair. Desert climates suck the moisture and oil right out of hair. Try using products that add volume and skip the heat tools. Blow dryers and straighteners will only make hair flatter and limp.

Where summer hair is concerned less is more. Let your natural hair flow. Happy Summer!

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