Wave goodbye to tired Winter skin

Spring has sprung, but with warm and cold temperatures both inside and outdoors, skin can be particularly challenged this time of year (dehydration, lackluster-looking skin) . Spring makes way for sunnier and warmer skies, which can increase sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and congested/polluted skin.

We sat down with Dr. G to understand how to refresh tired Winter skin and give your skin a healthy, Spring glow

Dr. G’s tips for spring:

“Load up on SPF: During the Spring and Summer months the sun is at its strongest and we are more susceptible to the harmful effects of UVA/UVB damage.”

“Put away the retinol: While retinoids are extremely beneficial for the skin, using them can increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun, which is more prevalent during the spring and summer months. Opt for a lighter dose of Vitamin A from a naturally derived carotenoid. Carotenoids (Vitamin A), found in carrots, and other orange/red vegetables, deliver the same benefits as Retinoids in a natural and gentler form. “

“Lighten Up Swap out heavy creams for lighter, oil-free moisturizers or hyaluronic-based serums. Hyaluroinic Acid is a miracle ingredient to use this time of year because it binds and locks in moisture to prevent dehydration, while being lightweight.”

“Pack on the antioxidants: Load up on power packed anti-oxidant rich serums to protect skin from free radical damage. Look for Vitamin C, Organic Red Tea, Ferulic acid and resveratrol rich ingredients.”

“Exfoliate: Cold temperatures and less exfoliation can leave a thick layer of dead skin cells and built up oil post winter months. Exfoliation whether physical or enzymatic is the best way to jump start your spring regimen for dewy fresh glowing skin.”

Your new glow-activating regimen: Brightening Elixir, Fresh A Peel, Bright Eyes, Sun Visor, Vital Boost

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