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Women feel a connection to other women who are moving the needle, seeking change and fueling empowerment through positive messaging around beauty. A GoldfadenMD Woman Who Shines is one who embodies the definition of true beauty. She is happy, radiant & making positive change in society all while embodying a true likeness for natural beauty regimens & skincare routines. Below, meet Anna Jepson. She is a woman who shines.


1. What’s your name & occupation?

My name is Anna Jepson, and I am a graphic designer, stylist, and art director. I also run the site LadyandLike.com, where you can find all of my work. Generally, if I am creating, I am happy.

2. Describe your beauty routine.

I tend to be pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty and skincare. I use a simple, non-abrasive cleanser with a lightweight moisturizer. I always use concealer under my eyes, and then throw on some bronzer, a pinch of blush, a quick swoop across my lids for a very subtle cat-eye, and then mascara. I have started adding masks and exfoliants in a few times a week, which keeps my skin bright.

3. What are three things that you absolutely cannot live without.

Sad to say it, but my iPhone. I’m so plugged in on social media and email that it is essential to keep around all the time. I’m also always scouting the next best photo ;). Then it would be my collection of Steinbeck books. I have editions spanning the last 65 years, almost all of his works, and even a first edition I found at a used bookstore in New Jersey. It may be one of the nearest things to my heart. The last one is a good cup of coffee. Put all of those together and you’ve got my ideal Saturday. 😉

4. What is your favorite part about being a woman?

I really love this question and I’m glad you asked. As taboo as it might be, I love the “traditional” roles of being a woman. Today, gender roles and characteristics are becoming less defined, but I will always embrace the role a woman can play in care taking and hospitality. To be able to be freely warm and engaging to people, and open your home as a way to deepen community is such a great gift that we have. My great grandmother and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen together when I was little, and I think it has shaped a lot of who I am today.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a woman?

“You are a treasure.” It has stayed with me since I was 16, and I think it has given me the strength to carry myself with dignity and respect. Women put up with a lot because society says it is okay, but it is not, and those four words remind me to hold myself to that truth, and not what society says.

6. Define beauty.

To me, beauty in a woman, is speaking graciously, carrying yourself modestly, and being considerate of those around you.

7. Tell us why you love Doctors Scrub Advanced as much as we do 🙂

I have more sensitive skin, so I only use a little at at time, but my skin is always so much brighter and taut afterwards. I like that it isn’t a scrub made of big beads or sugar, etc. It feels more sophisticated, and better for the environment! It’s unlike any other scrub I have ever used. Pure Start is also a favorite of mine. It lays on so smoothly and feels so clean.


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