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Spring is in the air and with April in full force we look forward to Earth day and all things green! The color green represents abundance, growth, balance and prosperity. The color green is also said to create equilibrium between the head and the heart. When we think of green we think natural, alive and fresh!

Fitness Magazine recently reported on a study done with cyclists. The cyclists were shown two videos. One was of natural/green imagery and the other was the same video but shown thru a red or gray filter. All the cyclists said they felt the workout was easier when they were viewing the green video! . Experts say that viewing the color green can enhance your mood and emotions. Look around and see the green trend, it is everywhere! From the green juice movement to succulents to all the new green hues of nail polish to Lululemon’s new spring colors! Buy yourself a new green running bra or adorable head band and get happy! Send us your pictures of anything green you wear to pump you up!


As I was waiting to go into spin class this morning, I overheard two women talking about the cleanliness of gym towels. Where I spin, towels are provided and seem very clean, but my ears certainly perked up! One of the women said, “I have a canker sore in my mouth-do you think it could be from the towels?”. Her friend replied “I recently read something about these towels that made me very uncomfortable”. I will add that both women went ahead and used the towels in class. The towels are definitely washed and you can’t catch a canker sore. Canker sores are usually caused by a run down immune system or if you’re body is fighting something off. However, could she have caught this germ that is causing the canker sore at the gym? It is very possible and more than likely. But, the culprit is not the towel.

Germs live on surfaces as well as in the air. Here are a few easy rules to follow to keep them away!

  • Do not touch your face. Hands are dirty. They touch the door knob, the spin bike, the treadmill and the the lockers just to name a few. Hundreds of other people are touching these things too.
  • Use the hand sanitizer and wipes the gym provides-it is there for a reason.
  • Always wipe your bike handles, seat, treadmill and weights down before and after you use them
  • If you have a wound, cover it. Open cuts and scratches invite bacteria and viruses to jump on
  • Be aware of who is in your class or near you.  If they look sick or are sneezing, stay away form them
  • Do not walk barefoot. Athletes foot is rampant on locker room floors and showers. Throw a pair of flip flops in your gym bag.
  • Shower right after you’re done, do not wait to get home if you can help it. The quicker you shower the less time bacteria has to set in on you. If you use the hot tub or steam room at your gym, make sure you shower before going in them to get rid of bacteria.

Hopefully I haven’t freaked you out of going to the gym or spin class.  It is still healthier to goto the gym and be exposed to germs than not to exercise at all! We just want to give you the tools to stay healthy!