Radiant Renewal Skin Series: In Haute Pursuit

Bart is the best. We said it, and we mean it. He is one of our biggest fans, and the feelings are totally mutual. Bart also has a beauty and skincare blog that you may’ve heard of, www.inhautepursuit.com. He swapped out his skincare regimen for our Radiant Renewal Starter Kit and Light Treatment and gave us the scoop on how it compares, what he liked and if he’d rather go back to something else. Take a look!

IMG_74181. Meet Bart. 
My secret enthusiasm for skincare has never worn off. For the past year, I’ve projected this passion into my blog inhautepursuit.com where I share my latest discoveries, impressions of timeless classics, and personal take on industry newness. As a fan of dermatologist driven product lines and exploring my inner green side, Goldfaden MD has been on my radar for quite some time. It helps that I already love the Fresh-A-Peel treatment.

2. What is the biggest problem you face with your skin? 
My combination skin is always in need of a decongestant and a brightener. Between late nights, a bit of travel, and sporadic laziness, I can only commit to formulas that deliver impressive results without triggering any sensitivities. There is nothing worse than trying to address an issue and breaking out while you’re at it.

3. How did Goldfaden MD’s Radiant Renewal Starter Kit and Light Treatment help? 
Light Treatment works great under any moisturizer day or night, which makes it a seamless addition to an existing routine that needs a jump. The Radiance Renewal Starter Kit is a truly well comprehended regimen, which I chose to enjoy overnight while my skin is at its most rested state. Gentle and effective, the system kept my complexion hydrated, firm, and smooth.

4. What is/was your favorite part of the regimen, and why? 
Sophie’s Choice. It has to be the scrub. The Pure Start cleanser is one of the best foaming gel cleansers I’ve used but I’m such a sucker for instant gratification, I’m going to pick Doctor’s Scrub. Impressive in its performance, the immediate smoothness it delivers blows me away every single time. It completely elevates the rest of your skincare routine. The Radiance Renewal Kit as a whole scores a gold star only because I have a serious fetish for deluxe travel size beauty products.

goldfaden md pure start doctors scrub5. Have you noticed your skin behaving differently since using Goldfaden MD? 
Yasss! At night time, I’ve chosen to layer the Vital Boost moisturizer over Light Treatment consistently and my skin has definitely been looking brighter these days. Even though I’ve been really good about wearing sunscreen this summer, other environmental aggressors caused some hyperpigmentation issues, which, thanks to Vital Boost are literally fading away. Well played.

6. Would you recommend Goldfaden MD to your readers? And why? 
Absolutely. Treat yourself to a Radiance Renewal Starter Kit and explore a potential new favorite. As a huge fan of renewing, peeling, and reviving, my obvious suggestion would be to splurge on a Goldfaden MD exfoliating treatment of your choice. But hey, if you just ran out of face cream, how about that Vital Boost moisturizer? I realize I may be biased… my favorite thing to click on is ‘add to basket.’

You can follow Bart on Instagram @omgbart and shop our Radiant Renewal Starter Kit here.

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