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During our New York City beauty editor event where we introduced our new collection, Plant Profusion, the topic turned to necks. The neck seems to be on everyone’s mind, which is why Dr. G created Lifting Neck Cream for the new collection launching this Fall. This beautiful area of a woman’s body is often misunderstood and definitely neglected. Dr. G shares a few tips and ingredients to look for.

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The décolletage which consists of the neck and chest has always been seen as provocative. From the 11th century up until the Victorian period, women did not show their necks let alone the chest area. Today the décolletage is flaunted and proud and can be the most sun damaged area of a woman’s body. Many women make the common mistake of only taking care of and treating their face, so we asked Dr. Goldfaden to shed some light on the topic. “The main complaints related to the neck and décolletage area are sagging skin, crepiness, discoloration, horizontal bands and wrinkles.” The sagging and crepiness is due to loss of collagen as well as aging. Discoloration may be present due to sun damage or hormones and can range from speckled darkness to redness and uneven tone.


  • Do not use anti-aging face creams on the neck. The neck is more delicate than the face, has no pores and cannot absorb many of these ingredients.
  • When protecting or restoring the neck remember there are no pores, hair follicles or sweat glands on the neck. Therefore look for a neck cream with ingredients that target discoloration, tightness and cell turnover such as peptides, amino acids, lightening agents and certain acids.
  • Always apply the cream in an upward motion
  • Never pull, tug or rub the neck skin
  • Always wear an SPF or cover the neck area when outdoors
  • No one is too young to start protecting the neck area

Powerhouse ingredients to look for

Birds of paradise- brightening + reduces discoloration/ pigmentation

Glycolic acid- cellular turnover + exfoliation

Hexapeptide 10- amino acids that stimulate collagen rebuilding

Pink Grapefruit Oil- binds moisture on skin, plumps + increases volume to collagen layers


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