Must-Have Packing Items for London

After the excitement settles in about traveling over to London for over a week to launch our new products at Space NK Apothecary and roll out into additional stores throughout the UK, we start to gear up and plan for what to pack, arguably the hardest and most challenging part of any trip! While we’re not the most efficient and low maintenance packers, we wanted to highlight our go to packing items necessary for any trip, but especially London! Rule of thumb-utilize space wisely. Below are some tips on how to make the most of your packing space.


I like to try and mix and match as many outfits as possible. For example I bought a high waisted white ¾ length A-line skirt from ZARA (similar one can be found here) that can be paired with three different tops and jackets. Crop tops are all the rage this Spring, and come in every shape style and color. A long sleeved crop top is good for the day, a sleeveless pinky blush colored one is good for work events and a gold (we are obsessing over this one from Suno) or black is perfect for night. Of course a black skinny jean goes a long way and can be dressed up or down for day or night. To finish off the list I bring a few dresses, 2 skirts, workout clothes, blue skinny jeans, grey skinny jeans, a few tee-shirts both long and short sleeved, 2 silk blouses and a warm sweater. I also always travel with a yummy pair of pj’s because hotel rooms can be chilly – a packing items must-have.


Jewelry can change up the look of an outfit, so pack plenty of it. Chunky necklaces can take a dress from day to night. A sparkly headband can be a fun edition to a daytime outfit! Jeweled tones are very popular right now so do not be afraid to wear a lot of.


The same goes for shoes. Obviously, you want to pay attention to the type of city you are traveling to, will you be walking a lot? In London the answer is yes, so I am being selective on which shoes are beind added to my packing must-haves.  A black bootie, our favorite is the Rag ad Bone Black Newbury boot, is always necessary and can double as a dressy shoe for night. A flat boot for daytime that can be worn with skinny jeans or a skirt with tights is a must. One pair of fun sneakers for everyday walking and one pair of heels for press events and nights out. Last but not least running shoes! We are going to be in London for 12 days and exercise can never be ignored. Not to mention running a city can be one of the best ways to learn it


Since it is March the weather can tend to be in between in London. Temperatures are supposed to be in the low 60’s during the day and high 40’s at night. London can be VERY wet and unpredictable. A sturdy raincoat or overcoat is a must. I will also bring a blue leather jacket, a dark floral velvet cropped jacket an IRO red and white tweed-ish short jacket and a winter white Alice and Olivia tuxedo jacket. These again can be mixed and matched and go from day to night.


I find this pretty simple. I bring a tote and a cross body small purse. The tote I usually carry on the plane, so it doesn’t take up room in the suitcase.


It is no secret that we are beauty junkies, so when it comes to packing toiletries/makeup/hair care/etc, we know some tips that save on space! Nowadays almost every beauty product comes in a travel size whether its form CVS or Space NK. Plan ahead by asking for samples of your favorite skincare and hair care products when you are purchasing your products. I save every sample I receive for this exact reason. The best part about samples is that you can throw them away at the end of your trip! If you do not have samples, don’t fret, you can always get a travel sized plastic pumps and fill them with your favorite lotion, serum or hair care product.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.36.43 PM


Getting a really good blow out the day of or before you travel can really help your hair to look polished after a long flight. The one thing I must travel with is my own blow dryer. Although most hotels have decent hair dryers, I find none of them are as good as my own and when my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t feel good. Having shampoo and conditioner samples saves space and you know that your hair will look and feel good no matter what the water is like. Don’t forget a good brush and styling product (again samples). I am obsessed with Phillip B Russian Amber shampoo and conditioner and styling products. All come in travel and sample sizes! Investing in a good dry shampoo is also a necessity. I love Oscar Blandi’s or Oribe’s Texturizing spray (both come in travel sizes).

In my carry-on bag 


My phone


Eye mask (for sleeping)

Ear plugs




Hand wipes

Two sets of headphones

Hand cream

Face cream (for in-flight hydration)

Lip balm

Seeing glasses


A hat

A warm soft scarf (a gift from Poland)

Underwear and a tank top (in case I get stranded without my luggage)

Compression socks (for long flights)

Electric converter

Seems like we are all set to head to the other side of pond. Stay tuned for more about our adventure in London!

Pip pip cherry o!

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