The Edit: Lindsay Albanese, Celeb Wardrobe Stylist & Stylist Expert

Lindsay Albanese is the queen of style. She not only has more than 13 years experience as a celebrity wardrobe stylist, but she recently launched her own YouTube line & is an E! Style Collective Expert. Like we said, she is the queen. So we thought we’d get a glimpse into her life and all of her coveted beauty must-haves:

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1. When did you first get into styling?
I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer so I enrolled in Fashion Design School at FIDM. The schooling kicked my butt and I soon realized I would rather pull things from various collections to create a look rather then design my own. And I never looked back!


2. What makes your vlog different from the rest?
As a career 13-year Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, I’ve traveled the world styling clients, and have styled every figure type as far as shape, height, size, age, and gender so I have a ton of experience, tips, and tricks to share when it comes to fashion and personal style. I am the “Expert” not because I think I’m “oh so fabulous” and can put together a cute outfit, but because I have real experience and a professional background styling all different types of people.

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3. Is there anything else in the pipeline for you or can you expand on everything you’re currently working on?
Sure is! I’ve officially joined E! as their resident Style Expert and part of the “E! Style Collective” for various digital and broadcast projects! You can check out my image and bio on E! Online here  as well as my most recent “How To Go Monochrome” story here. I’ve hosted style segments on E! News for the past five years so to officially have joined the network is full circle! I also have a graphic t-shirt capsule collection coming out end of the month with ELUXE.


4. What is your go-to skincare routine?

Lots of steps, so much so that I can barely keep them straight…but mostly it goes in this order:
Wash, toner, some sort of serum(there are so many I forget which one) Laura Mercier tinted illuminating moisturizer (can’t live without), eye cream. Twice a day. Oh and water lots of water. Oh and vegetables! Not sure if thats a skincare routine but I think it’s aided in people saying (not all but some) “Oh wow, you’re 34? Thought you were 27” – best compliment.

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5. What are your TOP makeup must-haves?

-Laura Mercier tinted illuminating moisturizer with SPF
-Lorac eyeshadow primer
-L’oreal liquid eyeliner pencil in black. (it is the only black eyeliner that actually stays on)
-individual flase eyelashes (I’ve perfected the art of applying them)


6. What are the spring/summer trends you are most excited about and why?

-Any and all things white because it’s crisp and clean and makes the same statement as wearing a bright color without actually having to wear a color.
-Slide sandals: I love the easiness of putting them on and the minimalism of style. It makes it easy when pairing them with different outfits.
-Contrasting paneling and details. I love the interest of different textures.

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7. Tell us about an experience working as a celebrity stylist that truly shaped the outcome of your career?

ALL of the experiences have lead to the exact spot I’m in right now. The good and the bad. I think about that when things don’t go my way because in my experience, theres always been something great on the other side of bad or hard, you just gotta power through and keep going to get there.

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