Keeping your Winter Body Hydrated + Soft

Keeping the body hydrated during the winter is not an easy task. Drinking fluids is a good start but how you treat your skin in the shower/bath as well as after is crucial. Below are a few ideas to try to keep itchy, dry skin at bay this winter.


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Too HOT is Not a Good Thing

Of course a hot shower or bath sounds good after a bone-chilling day, but it is the worst for your skin. Hot water dries skin out and causes redness. Try a warm shower or bath. Before completely drying off moisturize with hydrating body lotion or body oil. Moisturizing on damp skin allows the skin to hold moisture.

DON’T Over Exfoliate

Go easy on the body scrubs especially if they’re salt or sugar based. Both can dry skin out more. During the winter switch into an oil based cleanser or more gentle body wash.

Start Dry Brushing

Dry brushing helps to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system. The lymph nodes excrete toxins and excessive water from the body. Dry brushing leaves the skin very smooth and is said to help the appearance of cellulite. Always buy brushes that are made of natural fibers and always brush towards the heart due to the natural flow of the lymph.

Bath Ideas


If you want a DIY winter bath, try blending a cup of dry oatmeal to a very fine powder and then mix with warm water. Oatmeal helps itchy, dry skin.

Mustard Bath

Try Dr. Singha’s famous mustard bath. This invigorating powder helps unwind tried and sore muscles. Mustard helps to rejuvenate and cleanse the body and can reduce stress.

Add Humidity

Last but not least always have humidifiers on in your home. Set air temperature to the ‘cool’ option. Adding humidity back into the air will also help to keep skin more hydrated.

Stay warm this winter and

don’t let it get the better of your skin. Drinking lots of fluids throughout the day also helps. Happy Winter!




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