Holiday Gifts from DEUX Founder and Cookie Dough Queen, Sabeena Ladha

There’s nothing that says “It’s FINALLY the Holidays!” like a fresh batch of cookies baking in the oven, their sweet aroma spreading throughout a warm house. 

Ah, we can already feel the coziness! 

Our go-to cookie goodness is DEUX, enhanced cookie dough that is packed with vitamins and functional ingredients, is vegan and gluten free, and comes in the most festive of flavors, including Pumpkin Spice (with chocolate chips and chunks), Ginger Doodle (a cinnamon snickerdoodle with Ashwagandha), and — launching soon — Sugar + Spice (a spiced sugar cookie complete with sprinkles).

To fully get into the holiday spirit, we asked the Queen of Cookie Dough herself, Sabeena Ladha, DEUX’s Founder and CEO to share some of her favorite holiday gifts.


Scribe Wine Membership

Scribe Winery makes my absolute favorite wines (and their venue is magical if you ever find yourself in Sonoma). Their wines are hyper curated with limited production and make you feel like you’ve transported to wine country with every sip. I love to gift friends a Scribe Wine Membership with four vintner-curated allocations per year, first access to new releases, and special member pricing. It makes our get-togethers extra fun!

Arrae Bloat Capsules

While supplements might feel like an anticlimactic gift to give someone, I am obsessed with Arrae because they are total lifesavers throughout the holidays. In a time when you’re generally eating more than usual (not to mention all the treats), these help break down food and keep you feeling good. Plus, their Calm capsules definitely help keep that family craziness at bay.

Canopy Humidifier

Again, kind of a strange gift… but hear me out. It’s insanely dry in LA and this is a much-needed addition to any skincare routine — not to mention, it’s extremely hydrating. Plus, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential did a collab with them and I die for the pink perfection. 

Elwood Clothing

Sweats (and a trucker hat) that are oh-so-cozy, yet chic AF. These sets are one of those “not trying hard” LA outfits you could wear to stay in or go out during the day. 

Tia Lupita Hot Sauce

I am a total hot sauce connoisseur and literally bought the very first bottles of this. Eat it as a hot sauce on everything, or pair it with chips as a SALSA. Tia Lupita also offers cactus-made tortillas and tortilla chips — all super clean and delicious! YUM! 

Goldfaden MD Facial Detox

This mask is everywhere… and for a reason! I just can’t get enough so I’m upping my stash and gifting one to all my friends. No joke, I love everything Goldfaden MD makes!

** Stay tuned for DEUX’s own Holiday Gift Pack which will be launching soon. Sign up for updates on

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