Face your BODY: Amy Rosoff Davis

Meet Amy Rosoff Davis

Name: Amy Rosoff Davis

Location: Los Angeles

Who are you and what do you stand for? I am a mom, a friend, a wife, a coach and a very passionate and very silly person. I stand for love.

On those days when you’re not feeling 100 percent, what do you do to give yourself a confidence boost?  I redirect myself. Meditate, clean up, focus on my kid, focus on gratitude, and then I pick myself up and do some yoga or walk or sweat, or call a friend.

What activities would you say are part of your self-care routine? And how do you make time for self-care?

Baths, face-masks, saunas, or infrared sweat bed (we have one -and before I was pregnant, while Ellie was at school- I would take a break and watch my fave show and sweat and it was a dream). It’s been challenging to get as much self-care in recently as I would like, but sometimes that just means a walk or technology break or seeing a friend (from a distance) or just listening to my mantras (life white sun). I just started getting prenatal massage this pregnancy- pandemic really messed up my self-care routine- and that’s been divine.

What are 3 words that come to mind when you think of your body?

Strong. Miraculous (it’s growing a second human- so whoa is it incredible watching – again- what a body can do!). Loved.

What are some of your favorite foods that keep your skin healthy?

Cucumber, avocado, good olive oil (I love Brightland and Braggs), grapes, apples, chia seeds and flax meal, dark green veggies. And lots and lots of water.

What does your current skincare routine look-like, specifically for your body?

I am very grateful I have always had pretty clear and easy skin. I take really good care If it and use all non-toxic products and keep it clean and hydrated. I wash twice a day with an oil-based and cream-based cleanser and then a mild soapy cleanser and use serum, oil, lotion and SPF every day. I spray yummy smelling hydrating stuff on it and I use nontoxic makeup – but not very much and not very often

What are some of your favorite body treatments?

Scrubs, baths, massages, acupuncture, sweating- both from physical exercise and saunas infrared sweating

If you could get the world to change its collective mind about one issue, or adopt one way of being, what would it be and why?


Fill in the blank:        Self-care        is underrated.


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