Beauty Sleep: Interview with Kin Euphorics Founder, Jen Batchelor

Wind down. Glow up. The key to radiant skin is sleep.

Waking up looking refreshed requires more than just the absence of under eye darkness or puffiness, the skin tells the story. To understand better what actually happens to our bodies and minds while we sleep and why it is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, we sat down with Kin Euphorics founder, Jen Batchelor, to get the scoop.

How does alcohol affect our brains when it comes to sleep?

Let’s start here– Alcohol is not a sleep aid. Alcohol is a depressant which causes brain activity to slow down in the central nervous system and is one of the greatest disruptors of the 5 stages of sleep. One of the many ways alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle is that it slows down melatonin production, which is the key neurochemical that your brain produces to help you fall asleep. 

Why are adaptogens so important for our health?

Adaptogens are herbs that help the body adapt to stress and bring us back to homeostasis. Overtime, adaptogens can help support our responses to stress and boost immunity.  In our Nightcap, Dream Light, Reishi mushroom taps into conscious calm by reducing cortisol, and in small doses has been shown to support sleep cycles

What are Kin’s special key ingredients?

The secret is in the stack. All of our products are crafted with nootropics, adaptogens, and botanics. For Dream Light, We worked with herbalists, melatonin researchers and sleep scientists to better understand the synergistics between the ingredients commonly used to calm the chatter in the mind and signal to the body that it was nighttime out.  The digestive properties in Dream Light allow for a stronger gut-mind connection and help us start to process the experiences of the day so we can ease into a restful sleep.  It also helps the mind ease into a spiritually connected state courtesy of reishi, which increases memory and learning, to regulate mood and diffuse emotional chatter by helping the body metabolize d3, balance the endocrine system thanks to passionflower, to relax the body and to induce a state of muscle recovery during sleep.

Why is a sleep ritual so important for a good night’s rest?  

A thoughtful wind-down ritual before bed offers celebration and reflection on the day’s accomplishments and sleep ahead, leaving you rested and restored the next morning. Dream Light is the ultimate new restorative nightcap, crafted to ease your body and mind and prime for the sleep journey ahead.  

What’s your wind down sleep ritual?

The way you end your day is the way you start your morning. I end my days with a nightcap of Kin Dream Light mixed with oat milk, for an uplifted mood and enhanced perception so I can reflect on the previous day, and write out my goals for the next. When I wake up, I have a thoughtful to-do list based on fresh learnings and refined goals.

About Kin

Kin Euphorics presents a new category of beverage ;uniquely non-alcoholic drinks that balance the body’s response to stress, boost brain power, and lighten the mood. Learn more (hyperlink to their site)

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