A new way to care for your baby, Meet Mini Bloom

Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden, our Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales at Goldfaden MD, understands the importance and the power of natural, safe, and effective skincare. And since having her two children, Lauren has taken on two additional roles: mother and Founder of Mini Bloom, a clean, safe, and plant-powered line of essentials designed specifically for children’s delicate skin. 

After years of working in the clean beauty space, Lauren was shocked when she couldn’t find nourishing, effective, worry-free products to use on her babies. So she took matters into her own hands and Mini Bloom was born. We asked her about how she balances her busy career, her family and her mental health.

What is the one daily ritual that you can’t live without?

I get up at 5am every day to practice my morning meditation/yoga. It grounds and calms me for the day ahead as it’s always jam-packed and this “me time” first thing in the day allows me to navigate through the day in a clear-minded way. 

What was the first product idea that you had before starting Mini Bloom? Where did you get your inspiration?

I had such a hard time breastfeeding my first child. I was in constant pain and there was only one product on the market that worked for me, but it was always hard to find. I searched everywhere and bought whatever I could of the product and it was truly the only thing that helped to protect and heal my skin. I used it for months after I was done breastfeeding – beyond my nipples too (on my cuticles and lips) – it was, in my eyes, a magic balm! The lack of other products like this on the market was the spark that ignited me to want to develop a healing, soothing and repairing balm for the nipples that was literally safe enough to eat. Meet, Hallelujah Nipple Balm…three years in the making and it’s just a life saver! 

What baby product were you most surprised to find had no safe, natural alternatives when you had your daughter?

I think what struck me the hardest was to find that most of the conventional baby products that existed had not changed in decades and that most of the daily care products that existed at the time when I was pregnant contained things like artificial colors, fragrances and dyes, which I knew was the leading cause of skin irradiation. To further that, the baby personal care category 6 years ago was very small and natural/organic alternatives were really quite difficult to find and source which was mind boggling to me being witness to the boom in “clean beauty” as a whole. 

What Mini Bloom product do you end up using on yourself the most?

The Hallelujah Nipple Balm! I keep one in my purse and one on my desk as I am always applying it to my lips and cuticles; it’s my magical balm!

How has running a business prepared you for motherhood?

For starters, it has helped prepare me to multitask in a way I never thought possible!

How has motherhood influenced the way you run your business?

Like many mothers, my children are my inspiration as it’s quite magical to see the world in their eyes – so fresh, positive and new. I am thoroughly exhausted everyday from trying to balance business and being a mother, but in some ways, that brings a whole new sense of creativity and a new way of thinking.

Beyond anything else, however, motherhood has softened me in a big way and has opened my eyes to learn how fragile and brief life and work really is. I am more grateful, grounded and passionate than ever before.  Motherhood has allowed me to truly and deeply celebrate the little (and big) wins along the way. 

What has been the biggest pro and con when it comes to this last year of covid and quarantine? 

PRO: The ability to slow down and spend (quality) time with my family that I will cherish forever. 

CON: That my kids have not been able to have the experience of going to “in-person” school.

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