5 Fashion Rules TO Break

By Kristen Conahan of Style Wax Poetic

I’ve never really loved rules, especially fashion rules. Fashion is about expressing yourself, wearing pieces that help you shine and oftentimes, breaking boundaries. That’s why I’m excited to talk a few rules that you should DEFINITELY be breaking.


Don’t Mix Prints

I really applaud the person who one day decided to mix a floral pant with a striped shirt because it was simply genius. To rock this trend, it must be done boldly and confidentially. Rule of thumb, stick to stripe and a pattern.



Photo via Free People


Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

This rule is the absolute worst, an all-white look is one of the chicest looks, especially for winter. Think white wool, cashmere, mohair, flannel, silk, and leather materials for layering.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.15.54 PM

Photo via WhiteCabana.com

Silver & Gold Jewelry Don’t Go Together

We can credit the fashion blogger sphere for re-defining what’s right and wrong when it comes to jewelry. There’s no rules at an arm parties. We’ve seen beautiful images of Pinterest, Interests of countless bloggers who says YES to mixing metals. You should too.


Via Pinterest

Denim On Denim Is A Fashion Faux Pas

An all denim look is always a win. Pair various washes or colors. Check out my recent post layering three types of denim here.



Sweatshirts Are Strictly Casual Wear

There’s no easier way to look effortlessly chic than a sweatshirt. It says “not trying” while looking endlessly cool with a long maxi or fancier skirt. It’s an easy way to dress down any outfit for day.

red lips, sweatshirt, & pleated maxi skirt. effortlessly chic

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