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Every time I drop $200 at Lululemon I promise myself that I will stick to the plan of how to take care of my gym clothes correctly. Lululemon has some of the best quality, not to mention most expensive workout out clothing around, so it is worth it to keep them smelling good as long as possible. NO dryers! Yes, it can be a pain, wet dripping clothes strewn all over the bathroom, but you will get more bang for your buck if you follow a few easy rules.

The key to keeping gym clothes fresh is to hand rinse them as soon as possible. If you let them sit wet in the hamper they will build up mold and mildew which equals- GROSS! I immediately either soak them in the sink with Woolite or throw them into the shower with me for at least a rinse with water. Always make sure you hang them to dry because that is where the real trouble can start. If you’re machine washing, always make sure to wash in cold water to save your colors and never ever dry them in a machine. Most of the materials dry quickly when hung out. The more active you are, the more wash you will probably have to do but it is better than having a stank smelling house!

My newest obsession at Lulu is ‘All Sport Bra’! Good for high intensity activity but still cute and the colors are summery and bright. I also love the ‘Ignite Bra’ for yoga and low intensity workouts. This bra is low cut and sure to catch the eye of the cutie next to you in Bikram.

Om Shanti baby!