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Take it from Dr. Goldfaden himself, your skin needs a little special TLC coming off of a month of parties, sugar, alcohol and little sleep. Start the New Year off with these expert tips that will keep your skin looking youthful, glowing and vibrant all year long.

Lifestyle Tips: 

  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated. Fluid retention occurs while we sleep because we are lying flat and circulation can be affected. Excess sugar, salt and alcohol will add to fluid retention. Consumption of all these pollutants can escalate swelling and puffiness to the eyes and face.
  • Drink ample water throughout the day (recommended at least 9oz) or coconut water (high in potassium/electrolyte) before going to bed as this will rehydrate your body, help flush out unwanted toxins, reduce inflammation and keep skin looking plump and hydrated.
  • Regular Exercise (3-5 times per week, even for just 30 min) Even though it my be the last thing you feel like doing, sweating will help de-puff the eyes and face, circulation will get blood pumping (and also awaken the complexion) and the release of endorphins will make you feel better internally and glow externally.
  • If your eyes are swollen, ice them with frozen Rooibos tea bags. We always keep some in the freezer. Rooibos is high in anti-inflammatory agents and is also very soothing.

Stay Clear Of:

  • Alcohol seems almost unavoidable during the holiday season. Small amounts in moderation are okay and if possible try to stick to red wine (at least you get the resveratrol bonus). Alcohol contains a ton of sugar, which causes glycation (the breakdown of the proteins in the skin (collagen and elastin), ultimately causing skin to sag and age. Glucose also causes cells to be malformed and irregular thus creating free radicals.
  • White Sugar (which is in everything) also causes glycation. When choosing a holiday treat to either eat or bake, try adding Honey or Cacao, as they are great alternatives to white sugar and they are both super foods. Cinnamon can also be substituted and it helps with inflammation!

Dr. G’s Skincare Must-Haves:

De-Puff, Brighten and Tighten

Arguably the first place over indulging appears is the eyes and eye area. Darkness, puffiness and overall sagging will improve with an appropriate brightening and de-puffing eye cream (along with sleep). The eye region gets dehydrated very quickly as we do not have oil glands for self-lubrication. Bright Eyes triple action eye concentrate will not only make the eye area look and feel more hydrated, but it can double as a makeup primer! Powerhouse ingredients, soy and rice bran peptides have been shown to reduce venous blood clotting. They have also been shown to have a localized effect on the hemodynamic properties of blood vessels and to increase blood supply to the superficial tissue of the eyelids. This means they help with circulation and distribution of blood flow, avoiding clotting and dark circles. Moreover, these two peptides have been shown to inhibit elastase and collagenase, which degrade collagen and elastin in the skin, thus helping the skin retain its natural firmness. Keep this in the refrigerator for an extra cool sensation and will also help decreases swelling!


The process of exfoliation is a lot like peeling away the dry, outer skin of an onion to reveal the living layers beneath. Whether the exfoliation is done using mechanical abrasion or a controlled chemical/enzyme peel, removing dead viagra efectos adversos and damaged skin cells on the surface allows the fresh new skin underneath to become visible. This newly exposed layer of skin feels much softer and smoother. Its surface reflects light better, making fine lines and other small imperfections harder to see. Age spots and other areas of unwanted pigmentation are less noticeable because the dead skin cells containing the pigment have been removed. Exfoliation unplugs clogged pores and allows for the release of natural skin oils. Regular exfoliation also helps to maintain open pores, decreases pore size, and minimizes many types of superficial scarring. In addition, removing the top layer of dead and damaged cells allows other health-promoting agents such as moisturizers, antioxidants, and collagen-boosting ingredients to better penetrate the skin and work more effectively.

Dr. G’s January pick: Fresh A Peel – a multi fruit acid peel for hydrated and bright skin. The unique combination of Lactic acid and Multi-Fruit Enzymes provide superior rate of exfoliation while reducing the appearance of fine lines, pores, and skin imperfections (and Lactic Acid also pulls moisture to the surface of the skin which creates a plump complexion). Apply to dry clean skin for 2-5 minutes and then rinse with cool water. The finished result will be even, smooth, bright and fresh-looking skin. Don’t forget the neck and chest areas too! Hit the road dead skin cells!!

Mask Away: Detoxify your complexion

Facial Detox is a powerhouse product that reduces blackheads, pore size, redness and inflammation to reveal a healthier, blemish-free complexion. “We are extremely proud to introduce the first ever mask + spot treatment to the GOLDFADEN MD range,” says Dr. Goldfaden. “The prestige marketplace was lacking a natural solution to common breakouts and blemishes that would be effective enough to be deemed high-performance without any chemical additives or irritating medicine, and we are proud to be the brand to fill that void.”

Facial Detox utilizes potent naturals including zinc oxide, sulfur and camphor to correct and purify broken out or blemished skin. This gentle mask’s ingredients go beyond treatment of existing problem areas to heal the skin and prevent further breakouts.