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Art Basel has been touted as the most prestigious art show in the world. Located in Miami, Florida, the fair brings together more than 200 leading galleries from across the globe and showcases over 2,000 pieces of the most influential modern and contemporary art. The exibiting galleries feature highly curated work by both renowned artists and also cutting-edge newcomers on the art scene. The show is such an experience for art lovers alike, fashion aficionado’s and artists themselves (the people watching is absolutely incredible – you have got people from every end of the earth all on a small island for four days – the most beautiful fashion, specs and shoes – can you imagine?!?!) because the fair showcases the most sought after rare and distinguished museum pieces and also new trends/developments in the modern and contemporary art circuit.

Being the 12th year, I have seen this show grow in big ways every year. I make it a point to always be in Miami during this week; it’s definetely my favorite week there – filled with a so much energy from basel-ites that are all rushing to spend their moola on the most coveted piece of art being displayed!  This year, there was a tremendous emphasis on highlighting the works of the very talented street artists (Banksy + Shepard Fairey + Invader, to name a few). Wynwood walls, an area in Wynwood, Miami where murals by renowned street artists have covered the walls of the Wynwood Walls complex since 2009, and to create more canvases and bring more artists to the project, Tony, the founder and visionary, opened the Wynwood Doors in 2010 with 176 feet of roll-up storefront gates. The painted exteriors and interiors of the doors reveal a portrait gallery. Murals have also been commissioned for Outside the Walls through 2011, in key locations outside the park itself. LISTEN UP: If you have not already seen the film, Exit Through The Gift Shop, do yourself a favor a rent this movie tonight. It will really change your outlook of how you look for and appreciate art outside of the “typical” gallery.

The infamous work by Banksy, arguably the most well known of the street artists, was displayed all throughout ART MIAMI (also one of my favorite show’s this year). Shepard Fairey, an graphic designer/illustrator who emerged from the skateboarding scene, most known for OBEY and the Barack Obama “HOPE” poster, also had a lot of his political and controversial work at Basel this year. His “POWER” piece is my favorite – part Warhol, part political, represents populism and emPOWERment.
Art is always so subjective and expresses such deep meanings woven throughout the work. This sounds so cliche, but all art is beautiful in some way, shape, form or another – even the freaky rat peeing into a scull. What moves you? I am already counting down the days until December 2013 so that I can get my high-energy art fix once again.