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Valentine’s Day doesn’t always need to be red roses, champagne and chocolate. Try something a little outside the box this year by taking your beloved on a culinary adventure in your own kitchen, a look at the universe night’s sky or a simple movie and dessert at home.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.49.12 PMPhoto via Blue Apron

Valentine’s Day is about love and passion, so why not ignite some of your senses by cooking a meal together. Whether you love it or loathe it, cooking is a sensual activity that can be fun, yummy and builds couple’s skills. If you’re not good in the kitchen try a food delivery service like Blue Apron. Blue Apron specializes in fresh pre-measured ingredients along with the corresponding recipe and step by step instructions right to your front door. All you have to do is wear something flirty, light the candles and you’re ready to go.

If you live in a warm climate you can goto to an outdoor star gazing party. Likewise if you live in a cold climate you can check with your local planetarium to see if they have any shows or perhaps an open observatory night. A cute way to top off this outing is to add a book on astronomy or a portable telescope. You can have your sweetheart open the gift beforehand and give them a few hints as to where you’re going. Check ahead of time to see if alcohol is allowed and if not the a thermos of hot chocolate will be delicious!

Whether you’re spending the day with your beloved, friends or even alone (and yes this is normal!)There is nothing like a movie and favorite take out food at home. Get a bunch of white candles and light them all over the room for the best lighting that makes everyone feel happy and relaxed. Order in your favorite food and watch your favorite rom-com.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.53.17 PMPhoto via The Courtney Lee Collection

For all you men reading this jewelry is still loved by all and we don’t necessarily need diamonds. Take a look at two of our favorite jewelry sites for ideas for your special someone. The Courtney Lee Collection offers couture and fine jewelry   http://www.courtneyleecollection.com use code vday 15 for 15% off all! If you want something more earthy but still incredibly beautiful and trend setting try Merchant Society http://www.themerchantsociety.com.

Another thoughtful gift and fun way to give back is to purchase our Hands to Heart hand treatment. Not only will this transform, soften and repair damaged and dry skin, we also donate 10% of all proceeds to The American Heart Association!

Whatever your choice for Saturday remember to show some love to the most important person, yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!

We know vitamins are crucial to good health but there are quite a few that are extremely beneficial for your heart! You may be surprised-we were!

If you want to ensure your ticker stays healthy and your cholesterol stays low, you have to exercise, know your numbers and watch your diet. However, add these non-traditional supplements into your daily regimen for extra heart health. The Omega’s are the most popular of the heart healthy vitamins. Try and look for fish oils that contain Omega 3-6-and 9! Niacin or B-3 and Green Tea Extract have been shown to treat high cholesterol. Another interesting and relatively unknown supplement for a healthy heart is Red Yeast Rice, which lowers LDL and triglycerides. Add in some Coenzyme Q10 to reduce chest pain, so exercise is easier, and you have a pretty strong heart cocktail. Ginger and Turmeric are well known when treating the heart and the body in general, not to mention they’re yummy in edible form. Last but not least is a plant, Policosanol, which is extracts of plant wax and very beneficial in lowering cholesterol.

If you are concerned about your heart health, get your numbers checked. Try some exercise, cut out the smoking and add some exercise into your daily routine.  A healthy heart is a happy heart!

Today is Valentines Day or the one day a year that people celebrate love. During the month of February we are writing posts about all things heart healthy. The heart is also refered to in romantic terms and symbolically linked to feelings of love and loss. Of course the truth is, it is our brains doing the “feeling”, but if you have ever loved or lost you may have felt an actual joy or pain in your ticker.

When we are falling in love our brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters in our brain that make us feel amazing! Exercising, having sex and laughing all cause endorphins to be released.  Eating chocolate has also been linked to endorphin ‘highs’. Endorphins are naturally produced in our brains and are addictive in the sense that we keep repeating actions that will give us these feelings of happiness and euphoria. This may explain why no matter how many times we get our hearts broken we still seeking out and fall in love.

So whether you have a Valentine today or not, do something that is good for your heart! Watch a funny movie, go do your favorite exercise, buy some delicious chocolate or love your partner! The path to a healthy heart is not only what you put in, it is also about what you put out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!