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Are you finding  that you are getting sick more than usual? A sniffle, a cough and overall malaise?  Your hand sanitizer may be to blame.

We all keep our trusty, germ fighting friend ‘the hand sanitizer’ in our purses, gym bags and cars, but to what cost? Instead of keeping us healthy, could it be making us sicker?

Of course if you’re in a career that requires you to physically touch a lot of people (like when we host a GOLDAFADEN MD facial event) than it makes sense to sanitizer after each encounter, but for those who use it incessantly for fear of germs, it can be doing more harm than good.  Our immune system is designed to catch germs and then build antibodies in order to fight them off in the future. This is how our body protects itself from getting sick every time  a germ invades our system. Not only that but studies have shown that overuse of anti-bacterial products used in the household can cause bacteria to become resistant! We don’t want to create a super bug! MRSA is bad enough!

So next time you reach for a household anti-bacterial cleaning product or your trusty bottle of hand sanitizer, try soap and water instead. You might just keep yourself from getting sick!