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What do you do when the pain is not going away? You’re stretching and icing and popping Advil like it’s candy but the pain still comes back….. It may be time to get acupuncture. Western and eastern medicine have long debated over the validity of this traditional chinese medicine practice. Acupuncture is the insertion of tiny needles into the skin’s surface that stimulates and allows the energy flow, as well as, the rebalance of the Qi(energy flow or life force).

Acupuncture is used to prevent or cure existing pain. After a bad fall while skiing, I developed a neck pain that would not go away. I went to chiropractors and doctors, but no one could heal me. After being introduced to an LA based doctor who happened to also practice acupuncture, I was cured.  The cure didn’t happen overnight, in fact it was long and uncomfortable at times. But so worth it. When one decides to get acupuncture, you must surrender to the belief that it is going to work. 50 tiny needles in your skin can be jarring at first. It does not hurt, in fact it feels soothing. The needles are strategically placed in pressure points to relieve pain and tension. After insertion you are left to relax, close your eyes and even meditate if you like. If you have ever had acupuncture then you know what a hotspot it.  A hot spot is an area that a needle awakes or aggravates, causing a ‘hot feeling’ or surge of energy.  This spot may be tender after a treatment  session but will also alert you to here you hold tension.

Acupuncture can be used to treat an enormous amount of health issues from depression to PMS to chronic back pain. If you have never had it and have always wondered about it, try it! It does not hurt and you will feel so much better! Get your energy flow back on track!