Unexpected Daily Habits That May be Ruining Your Skin

The best skincare routines and being diligent about proper daily cleansing is key to glowing skin, but if you’re not aware of some of the most common daily habits that could be running your skin, it does not matter what you put on. We’ve dug deep to highlight these common daily skin busters that could be the culprits that lead to those unwanted breakouts.

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Gym workouts are beneficial for your overall health, but the machine surfaces and ground are filled with acne causing bacteria. Try not to touch your face during your workout and wash your hands immediately afterwards.

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You may not be lactose intolerant, but dairy contains hormones that trigger the oil glands to go into overdrive, causing breakouts. Try going dairy free for a few weeks and watch your skin become luminescent.
Tip: Supplement your dairy with Almond Milk-based products; they’re delicious and lower in calories.
Cell phones can carry a lot of bacteria because they get put on many dirty surfaces. Every time you hold your phone to your face that bacteria is transferred onto your skin.
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Think your foundation is causing you to break out? Think again, dirty makeup brushes carry bacteria that leads to breakouts. Make sure to clean your brushes regularly and wipe off the top layer of your foundation to ensure that you are keeping it bacteria-free.
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Think again when you want to grab those tweezers inside your drawer. They carry loads of acne-causing bacteria that spreads like wild fire when using them to pluck those unwanted hairs.
Tip: Disinfect your tweezers with rubbing alcohol right before you pluck your eyebrows, and do it every single time.
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