Top gift picks for the best multi-tasking mom

Holiday season gift buying can be overwhelming and time consuming, so we’ve rounded up the chicest and most practical gifts for your nearest and dearest mom-in-charge this holiday.

1.The all-in-one carry all: Updated in a chic camouflage print this season, the label’s signature ‘Metro’ tote is made from lightweight, durable and soft quilted shell that can be folded, rolled, packed, and even crushed, without losing its shape (and still looks chic with any outfit, work or play).

2.Silky separates are the most luxurious ways to rest, and they make an ideal uniform for lounging on weekends.

3.Radiance in a snap….literally. The ultimate multi-tasker that infuses (that well-rested, 8 hours of interrupted sleep) vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants to the eye area and also serves as a makeup primer

4. Meaningful throw, can’t go wrong with a soft cashmere blanket that makes any space feel warm.

5. One part non-touch thermometer, one part magic wand (and must-have for every mom): InstaTemp 

6. Sweet tooth that’s health: Dark chocolate is not only is is loaded with powerful antioxidants and has been shown to improve blood sugar and improve blood flow, but it can also give your mom an added pick-me-up, mid-day. We love the designs and unique flavors from Compartes!

7. Creating memories: Upload 12 of your favorite photos to enjoy year-round in this handcrafted, and totally chic + cool clipboard calendar, made of reclaimed pine.

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