Hopefully this news makes you as happy as its made me! According to new studies, UV lamps used for drying nails are NOT harmful or cancer causing as once thought. UV lights were up until recently thought to cause a particular type of cancer, keratinocyte carcinoma and had women running in the other direction.

The first time I heard about the potential danger of these lamps was on the Dr. Oz show.  The claim was that these drying machines were as harmful as tanning beds. After hearing the warnings, I never put my hands under one again. When I actually thought about how quickly it dried my nails, I got completely freaked out. These lamps reminded me of putting something in a microwave to dry (my nails!). Now according to HealthDay and Webmd these lamps do not appear to increase this type of skin cancer.

This is amazing news and now I won’t mess my nails ten minutes after leaving the salon. So until further notice-dry away under the UV lamps!

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