Discover the powerhouse advantages of Vitamin C

Very little of the vitamin C you take in orally (either through vitamins or food) ever makes it to your skin cells. Essentially, the only effective method for replenishing the vitamin C in your skin is to go straight to the source and apply it topically. Vitamin C-based products are the goto products of choice when it comes to preserving youthful, even skin tone throughout the summer months as it has been known to increase collagen levels, reduce melanin production, brighten skin + repair the effects of UV exposure.

Dr. G’s Vitamin C tips:

  • Once Vitamin C is topically applied and absorbed into your skin, it can’t be washed or rubbed off. Significant amounts of it continue to remain active in your skin for up to three days.
  • Vitamin C and Retinol or Vitamin A can be combined as a powerhouse treatment that works to brighten overall skin tone, reduce the appearance of discoloration and increase radiance
  • Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid is wonderful for sensitive skin and supports firm and youthful skin by boosting collagen synthesis, decreasing photodamage, and exerting anti-inflammatory activity
  • Vitamin C comes in many percentages (Dr. G recommends 9% up)
  • Look for ingredient that contain high levels of Vitamin C (Baobab, Mongogo, Kalahari oils + cherry extract)


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