The Magic of Matcha

Matcha seems to be popping up everywhere from Starbucks to chocolate to cereals. So what is Matcha and why is it the ‘oldest‘ new craze? Matcha, which literally means “powdered tea”, is a special cultivated green tea leaf. This magical bright green powder tea can be traced back to the 8th century. Developed in Japan, Matcha is used in ceremonial tea services as well as everyday diets as a beverage and ingredient. A super potent antioxidant, one cup of Matcha, is said to be the antioxidant equivalent to ten cups of green tea!

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Why you need Matcha

Anti-oxidant (Catechins)- Free Radical Fighters

Boosts metabolism

Calms the mind

Vitamin C



Lowers cholesterol

Lowers blood sugar

Amino acid (L-Theatine)-improves concentration


The Life of Matcha

Green tea plants are covered during the growth process prior to harvesting in order to allow the leaves to develop a stronger flavor and texture. The leaves are then picked and steamed to stop fermentation. They are then dried at very cold temperatures to enrich the flavor. Then they are finally ground with stone into a very fine powder.

Matcha isn’t just for drinking; it can be mixed into smoothies, protein shakes or healthy desserts. Once you taste Matcha you will never go back to drinking green tea. Delicious, rich and healthy-how many things can we say that about.

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