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I’m back from the other side….did you miss me? I got sick! I cannot believe it-it’s been two years. Despite all the daily Vitamin D intake, exercise and eating well, a germ got me. I guess I must’ve been run down.

Of course this happened at the worst time possible, three days before my cousin’s wedding, that I was a bridesmaid in. I was panicked, I could feel it coming on. I increased my vitamins to 6000 mg of Vitamin D, 2000 mg of Vitamin C, Zinc and Echinacea. Nothing was helping.  I slept, pushed fluids but the sinus infection was causing pain, pressure and a fever. I finally caved and started a z-pac. I usually am very against antibiotics because of the abuse of them in our society.  At the first sign of a sore throat Americans start popping antibiotics, eventually causing resistance to these drugs and possibly superbugs to thrive. In this particular situation I needed to take antibiotics to treat the sinus infection and relive my fever.  I have to admit that within 12 hours of starting I felt better.  Within 24 hours I was almost well and within 36 I completely better.

I think that taking antibiotics when necessary is fine but watch how dependent you are on them.  The problem is if you take them too often, they won’t work as well when you may actually need them. There is no way to stay safe from getting sick this winter season, just keeping washing your hands and getting as much sleep as possible.