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Dr. G is firm believer in the concept ‘You are what you eat’. If your diet is subpar, one of the first places it can show is on the skin (skin health often acts as a major indicator to what is happening internally). Being the largest organ of the body, the skin not only reflects internal state of health, but is also the first line of defense between the internal and external environment. In this recipe, the key ingredient is quinoa. Quinoa contains high levels of riboflavin which provides elasticity to the skin to give it the required softness and resiliency. It also works to tone the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

What you need: 

The Energetic SaladInspired by plant profusion energetic eye cream

2 cups quinoa (high in riboflavin and protein)

1 cup raspberries (high levels of the anti-oxidant Resveratrol)

1/2 orange (Vitamin C)

2 teaspoons olive oil (Omega fatty acids)

2 basil leaves chopped (high in Vitamin K + Iron)

Cook Quinoa until soft and then let cool at room temperature. In separate bowl mix raspberries, orange,oil oil and chopped basil leaves. Mix together and serve at room temperature. This salad will fill you up and give you all the energy you need to finish your day!