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Superfood Maca powder is derived from the Peruvian Maca root. Maca contains twenty amino acids, most importantly glucosinates (found in broccoli and cruciferous vegetables). This wonder powder should be a staple in everyone’s diet. Mostly known for it’s libido and fertility boosting abilities (for both male and female), this powder is also effective against menstrual cramps and hot flashes during and before menopause. Maca also helps to balance hormone levels and thus with mood swings, increases physical and mental energy and may even be responsible for decreasing skin sensitivity in extreme climates.

Maca powder looks similar to cinnamon and has a cocoa nutty taste. We recommend blending it into your morning smoothie, adding it to a acai bowl or mixing it in with tea. Just in time for Valentine’s day, try this dessert to get your love’s juices flowing!

Maca Love Jar

2 cups chocolate coconut milk

1 cup frozen pureed acai

1 frozen banana

¼ cup of cocoa nibs

2 tablespoons of Maca powder

Blend milk, fruit and maca together until creamy

Pour into two separate mason jars and place in the freezer for a few hours

Remove jars and top one side with cocoa nibs and the other side with coconut

Sick a straw in and enjoy !

We’re all about flowers and chocolate, but we certainly don’t think that we need to limit ourselves to receiving them just one day throughout the year, right? Valentines Day for us is all about showing the people around you that you love them, including yourself, so why not be a little indulgent this Love Day and treat yourself to a little beauty makeover. 

We were so inspired by Chanel’s Paris Spring Show (floral galore with fresh faces and a red lip) so we wanted to emulate the fresh look of the new season with our favorite beauty essentials this Valentines Day. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.05.52 AM[1][2]Photo via Vogue

— The Night Before —

Skin Prep: We call this the one-two punch! Anytime that we have a big night out we immediately turn to Goldfaden MD’s Fresh A Peel. It packs a punch when it comes to the amount of things that it delivers. For starters, it works like a serum, but you only leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing off (perfect for when we’re in a rush) and it exfoliates, brightens and increases radiance immediately. Our skin is left glowing, vibrate, smooth and ready for our makeup the next day.


Hydrate, Plump and Brighten: YES…Everything you want in a product within one jar is what Fleuressence is to us. This magical oil does everything that is promises – hydrates, repairs and creates this incredible glow. Rich in powerful Omega fatty acids and Vitamins A, C & E, the botanical actives work to diminish the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, inflammation, and reduce pore size. Added powerful oils – Kalahari Oil, Mongongo Oil and Baobab Oil – protect and shield the skin against environmental stresses, support the rejuvenation and renewing of skin cells, improve skin elasticity and promote accelerated skin cell turnover. The best part is that the oils are all non-comeogenic so they don’t clog pores and the formula penetrates deep within the skin so there’s not a thick layer of product that sits on the surface. Perfect for oily/combination and dry skin. 

— The Day Of — 

Flawless Complexion: Looking for the ultimate flawless complexion? Giorgio Armani makes the most incredible silky-smooth, weightless and almost airbrushed look with their Luminous Silk Foundation. It’s a favorite among industries top makeup artists and we have to agree that it’s our favorite foundation on the market at the moment. 

Makeup Artist Insider Trick: Add a drop of the Fleuressence “Native Botanical Cell Oil” to your foundation for the most gorgeous luminescent glow and hydrated complexion without it being greasy, slimy or sticky.

Lashes to die for: We recently picked up Cover Girl’s new mascara, Lash Bloom, and WOW, this one does wonders to our thin and short lashes. 

Go RED: Our favorite and goto red lipstick is from Lip Stick Queen; she’s the lip whisperer of the lip stick world and the Medieval color literally looks good on ALL skin types, we promise. Plus, the super soft and hydrating texture keeps our lips plump and hydrated all day and night.

The Finale: We love RMS’s living luminizer. This naturally-based color line is one of our goto’s and their highlighting products are our favorite. They offer that dewey and youthful-glow without the sticky and shiny residue. Add it to your cheekbones, eye lids and underneath your brows to accentuate your best facial features! Glow on.