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We all know the common skin culprits when it comes to breakouts what the causes including,  bacteria and oil, hormones, and certain foods or medications. Have you ever thought about where we live to be some of the main contributing factors to some of our skin woe’s?


Tropical Climate – The Issues: While tropical humid climates keep the skin hydrated and glowing, high temperatures and intense sun can cause aging, sun damage and premature wrinkles. Humidity causes skin to sweat, purge and may increase redness, irritation and possible breakouts and clogged pores. Sun protection is imperative.

The Solutions:

In tropical or humid climates, look for lightweight, oil free serums and moisturizers that utilize skin hydrating hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture, but not add any additional hydration to the skin so that it stays balanced and plump looking.

Incorporate exfoliation products that also deliver detox benefits and contain anti-aging ingredients that target sun damage and protect against free radicals. When choosing an exfoliation product or cleanser for warm, humid climates, realize the skin can tolerate a good scrub and detox cleanser. Heavy makeup, everyday sweat and some sunscreens can clog pores and cause breakouts. Our Doctor’s Scrub ruby crystal exfoliator will do the trick by ridding pores of bacteria, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. Hydrating emollients, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and apricot oil keep skin supple and dewy!

Reveal your glow and keep your skin looking bright, clear and radiant. Our NEW Detox Cleanser, which delivers a combination of Lactic, Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxy Acids to work to dissolve excess oil and dead skin cells that build up inside pores. Dr. Goldfaden also developed a proprietary technologically advanced Detox ComplexTM, comprised of potent fruit extracts and active plant cells that provide anti-pollution and detoxification benefits. The skin will look and feel fresher, cleaner, smoother and rejuvenated!

One of the most effective ingredients to keep skin looking radiant, bright and free of dark spots is Vitamin C. Vitamin C can be effective whether it comes from a serum or moisturizer, the important thing is to wear it! If you tend to suffer from redness or irritation look for a serum that offers Vitamin C in conjunction with ferulic acid (for irritation + stability) and Vitamin E (for hydration). The newest serum to our collection, Brightening Elixir, delivers both and two forms of Vitamin B! If you’re not already using a lightweight moisturizer during the day, try swapping to an oil-free option, like our Vital Boost moisturizer.

Last but never least do not forget to wear an SPF! Bestseller Sun Visor is a 30 SPF lightweight, dry mist which is a must have for everyone! No more touching your face during sunscreen reapplications! Also works to set makeup!

In the event you do get too much sun and the skin is red, irritated, or inflamed, reach for our antioxidant serum, Radical Difference, which delivers organic red tea and cherry extract to repair, rejuvenate, and reduce redness.

“Ingredients such as organic red tea can be beneficial, as it targets inflammation and irritation.”

 Dr. Goldfaden


Social media, weddings, baby showers-seems there is always a picture being taken. Summer is here and with it comes parties, BBQs and vacations where you will be in one if not many pictures. We all want to the look the best we can even if its an impromptu selfie. Below are a few tips we borrowed from Rachel Zoe and a few others we came up with ourselves.


Image via Nothing Less Than Perfect 

Everyone should be consistently exfoliation and  if you know you’re going to be photographed get scrubbing! Face and body exfoliation reveals fresh, glowing skin and makeup goes on much smoother. If you’re not a fan of scrubs try an at home peel. Fresh A Peel is effective yet gentle and targets dark spots-a must for summer!

No more grease:Blotting papers are a must for every makeup bag. There are so many different types now to choose from. Make sure you blot instead of rubbing to avoid removing makeup. Our favorite is Tatcha!

Shine the right way: Invest in a highlighter and accentuate cheek bones, brow bones and shoulder bones. Our two favorites are BECCA for the face and Body Bling for the body. Body bling will add a wash-off bronze look with a glow. BECCA can be used just about everywhere and has a luminosity that looks gorgeous and ethereal in photos.

Tame frizzies: Humidity is not always friendly to hair and frizzies and fly aways can make a perfect outfit look messy.  If you’re in a pinch can use any lotion by rubbing a tin bit into hands and then just lightly smoothing the frizz areas. A dryer sheet also works very well.

Strike a pose: Might sound silly but striking a pose really does look good in a picture. You want to be captured having fun and looking happy, and over doing an expression can look more real in a picture. When posing for a picture always turn your body and head on a slight angle, this will elongate and narrow the way you look. If it is a full body shot, bend one knee into the other.