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What we drink is as important as what we eat. Tea should be a part of our diets and has tremendous health benefits. Whether you enjoy caffeine or prefer to skip it , there is a tea for you. Below is Dr. G’s favorite tea blend. Not only is red tea great for your health but also for your skin! It packs a punch by offering 50x more potent anti-oxidant levels than Green Tea and aids in soothing distressed and blotchy skin. Look for Rooibos and a white tea blend in all of the Plant Profusion products! 

What you need:

5 tea bags or loose Rooibos/ Red Tea

5 tea bags or loose White tea

1 tablespoon rose hips (High in Vitamin C)

Honey to taste (anti-oxidant + high in Flavonoids)

Steep together for 20 minutes and serve hot or chill for iced tea.