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We all know the basic rules of protecting our skin from the sun-use sunscreen, don’t log long hours poolside, wear a hat at high noon, but we all want to achieve that clear and sun-kissed glow as well; it’s the constant battle. With the heat cranking up to extreme levels, it’s hard to keep our skin glowing too, so we wanted to share with you all of our Summer skin picks in order to keep your skin looking clear, glowing, youthful and burn-free throughout the Summer months.

f62cd28c32bc778ba579da0dcae07725Photo via BollywoodGlitz

1. Sun Protection: It goes without saying that we all need to stay extra protected in the Summer months, every day, all day long. We love Goldfaden MD’s Sun Visor mist because it can be applied on top of your makeup and is super lightweight.

2. Keep your skin polished with a great exfoliator. It takes off the day’s dirt, oil and dead skin and keeps skin looking fresh and radiant.

3. Your lips need love too. We love Supergoop! AcaiFusion SPF 30 Lip Balm. The texture is so smooth, hydrating and keeps our lips protected in the hot Summer heat, added plus!

4. Face wipes: Excess heat can leave a heavy layer of sticky sweat and runny makeup on your skin. Pack these Yes to Carrots nourishing gentle cleansing wipes in your bag to give your skin a clean sweep.

5. Learn how to achieve that Sun Kissed Glow without baking in the sun for hours with the right bronzer. We love Benefits Hoola Bronzer because it adds an added sun glow to any complexion (and still looks natural!).

6. Hydrate! In addition to drinking adequate amounts of water on a daily basis (8 glasses is recommended) our skin needs a little extra help to stay quenched (in addition to moisturizer). There are so many moisturizing sprays out there so pick one that you love, we like First Aid Beauty’s Vitamin Hydrating Mist – packs an extra punch with the vitamin booster formula.