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We always look forward to Spring beauty because of all the hot new colors that come out and also the transition into lighter weight and brightening focused skincare, but it always seems equally overwhelming as it is exciting.

IMG_5186[1]In an age of information overload and endless brands competing for our attention, we are often left confused and overwhelmed when deciding what beauty products to purchase and what best suits our individual needs…So, we enlisted our go-to beauty team, Beauty Beyond LA, to tell us about what looks are trending for Spring, hot new products and tips for selecting our beauty routine going into the warmer months.

GFMD: What does it mean to be a skincare and makeup concierge?

BBLA: Our clients rely on us to “just tell them what to use.” They trust us to find the best combination of skin, face, hair and body products for them and their families. We build these relationships by providing personal consultations, sampling specific products, and with monthly follow-ups. We aren’t in the business of just selling stuff, we believe in building relationships and educating our clients.

GFMD: What questions do you get most when it comes to new makeup looks for spring?

BBLA: Honestly, our clients have been taking care of everyone else for so long that they just want to feel like someone hears and understands them. We get the, “I just want the no-make, make-up look.” I like to call it the “I’m picking up my kid from the bus look”, or the “I’m dewy because I just worked out but didn’t actually workout look.”

GFMD: Tell us more about what products and steps you can take achieve for this look.


  • Always make sure your skin is clean and prepped clean and active sunscreen. We love Suntegrity for dry skin, MD Solar for oily or sensitive skin. Both of these lines have tinted moisturizers and BB creams that can also be used to even out skin tone and are great for on the go use. We also love Dr. Goldfaden’s Sun Visor for applying over makeup and throughout the day.
  • We love products with dual functions like a cream eye shadow that can be used on the eyes and cheeks and lips. Or a bronzer that can be used as a highlighter, bronzer or blush. Some of our favorites are La Bella Donna’s moonlight highlighting crème colour adds natural glow to the lids, is light-refracting on the cheeks and reduces the appearance of fine lines. We also love their candlelight cream colour that gives your face that fresh and illuminating look.
  • Finally, add a simple lip stain with sun protection. Try Suntegrity’s new lip sheers with spf 30.

GFMD: What are your favorite makeup trends for Spring?

BBLA: Here’s the thing, I just got finished saying that most of our clients are just happy to achieve the no make-up, make-up look. And call me crazy, but I think that is probably true for a lot of women…that said…if you are a follower of beauty trends….BE PREPARED because sadly the “no makeup, makeup look (which was actually a trend) is OFFICALLY OVER!!!!

GFMD: Ok…care to explain…

BBLA: Basically, makeup is back! And the look of wearing makeup is back. That said, I think we can safely and realistically say that even if the magazines and runways are showing insanely gorgeous models wearing blue eye shadow for spring…the majority of us are not busting out our wet and wild eye shadow from 6th grade.

But I try and tell my clients, ok sometimes, I have to beg my clients to just step out of their comfort zone and try a pop of color on their lips. And spring is the perfect time to have that candy apple red moment at the spring fundraiser. Or, try a navy line on your eyes (instead of cobalt blue eye shadow) when picking up for carpool. Or you can never loose, if you bronze up. Hey, just bronze up because a little color makes everyone feel better anytime!

GFMD: If you had to recommend a new makeup and/or skincare product, what would it be and why?

BBLA: We are loving individual face and eye masks right now. Joanna Vargas’s new Forever Glow Anti-Aging and Eden Instant Lift Face and eye Masks and Eye masks are just divine. And we can’t get enough of Goldfaden’s Plant Profusions line. It is the best new cohesive range of skincare we have tried for spring.

GFMD: What are your favorite color hues this Spring and can you offer any tips on ways to incorporate color into our look?

BBLA: The colors this spring are vibrant but still manage to perfectly embody the ease and pastel vibe that we all associate with spring. They are tranquil, mindful and calming and with names like Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue and Fiesta, Iced Coffee and Lilac Grey…I don’t know whether I want to eat them, vacation with them or wear them! In seriousness, the colors for spring are a perfect time to either pop a peach echo on your cheeks, of a fiesta red on your lips. Or even wearing the lilac grey or serenity on your eyes.

GFMD: With the transition into the warmer months, what steps/tips should we be taking to change up our skincare routine?

BBLA: For the warmer months we need to make sure we are wearing our sunscreen daily. Exfoliation is also key in the warmer months. We should be exfoliating at least 3 times a week.

GFMD: What would you recommend is the most important skincare step/product that everyone should be practicing at home?

BBLA: Everyone should invest in an active serum. Serum’s penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin and are the most effective in giving you the results you want from your skin care routine.

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