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It is 4 days after christmas and I am still sweating all the junk out that I ingested. With New Years Eve around the corner, these next few days are very important, so make them count.

Three things I do to get back in fighting shape are drink tons of water, sweat (either running or spinning) and lather on moisturizer and eye cream! For me, my eyes are are a tell tale sign of too mush salt and sugar.  The morning after Xmas , my eyes were so swollen! Even Lauren said to me “what happened to you? “ I drank 3 bottles of water and ran for my BRIGHT EYES.  They both helped but I needed to sweat and 5 miles later I actually felt and looked like myself again.

A few tips as we go full speed into a holiday that can centered around drinking alcohol and eating fattening foods.  Start hydrating now, today! Eat as clean as possible-lots of fruits and veggies. Workout as much as possible and sweat(this is the best way to get rid of toxins).

If you have any fun tips or tricks that you use to get back in shape after a holiday, please share it with us!