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Pollen, trees, weeds, grass and mold, OH MY! These are no friends of mine and as a runner they can be a real problem. Last year during the spring I had one of the worst allergy attacks of my life after a run in Central Park. The good news is that there are precautions and steps you can take to prevent or lessen an allergy attack when working out outside.

  • Plan your run/workout when pollen counts are lowest. The worst time to run is between 5am-10am when pollen counts are generally at their highest. Start watching the weather and track the pollen, mold and grass count in your area. Keep a chart of the numbers and when you feel good or bad. This way you will know what bothers you.
  • Try taking a Zyrtec before a long run. Zyrtec does not have any pesky side effects, like drowsiness or dryness.
  • Investing in a pair of wrap around sunglasses may be a good idea too. Glasses will keep your eyes protected.
  • Do not run on days when you feel tired. Your immune system is most likely down and you are more susceptible to allergies.
  • Do not run on windy days. The windier the air the more mold, pollen and dust is blowing around. If you must run on a windy day, definitely wear glasses and possibly a mask or a bandana around your nose and mouth.
  • After you run outside shower immediately when you get home. Wash your hair and make sure to wash your eyes and nose too. Blowing your nose helps clean out your nose.

Let us know what your tips are for running and exercising outside during allergy season. Happy trails!

Spring is in the air and with April in full force we look forward to Earth day and all things green! The color green represents abundance, growth, balance and prosperity. The color green is also said to create equilibrium between the head and the heart. When we think of green we think natural, alive and fresh!

Fitness Magazine recently reported on a study done with cyclists. The cyclists were shown two videos. One was of natural/green imagery and the other was the same video but shown thru a red or gray filter. All the cyclists said they felt the workout was easier when they were viewing the green video! . Experts say that viewing the color green can enhance your mood and emotions. Look around and see the green trend, it is everywhere! From the green juice movement to succulents to all the new green hues of nail polish to Lululemon’s new spring colors! Buy yourself a new green running bra or adorable head band and get happy! Send us your pictures of anything green you wear to pump you up!


If you live in the Midwest or Northeast you are no stranger to the biting cold that can descend on us. Like many of you I love to run outside, but when the temperature drops you need to be prepared. Ensuring that you will be safe and happy during your run takes a little planning.

First it is essential that you invest in the proper running attire. Layers are the only way to go. A hat and gloves are a must, or at the very least a shirt that has finger holes. By covering your head and hands you will keep the majority of your body heat from escaping. I also think it is wise, and I did it this year, to invest in an outer layer

jacket. A jacket that is insulated and waterproof. This will help with the wind and snow. Lululemon came out with a great one this season called the ‘Draft Dodger jacket’. It even has reflective stripes! There is another one called ‘The Bundle Up jacket’, that is even heavier(my next purchase!).

Hydration is extremely important to pay attention to before and after a winter run. Your body is working overtime to keep warm and low temps can dehydrate you. Try to over hydrate the night before a run and always immediately after. This brings me to another important rule for winter running. Always have a dry layer with you. You may be sweating and warm after a run but once you stop your body temperature will drop fast. You will be wet and that is never a good combination. Ever wonder why after a marathon people are given insulated sheets regardless of the temperature? Your body temperature will drop whether its 80 degrees of 20.

I know some people reading this are thinking that running outside in 25 degree weather is crazy! But if you’re a runner nothing can really keep you inside! If you’re a runner or an outdoor athlete, please share any tips with us that use to keep warm.

Run safe, stay warm!