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CQJ_0167Fall arrives and the temperature starts to drop and the air feels lighter giving us just a peak into winter. As temperatures drop so does humidity, which can leave our skin begging for hydration. With all the upcoming holiday travel this autumn/winter think mists, masks and hydrating protectors for the face and eyes.

Long work and travel days can leave skin thirsty and dull. For a quick pick-me-up try Omorzivia’s Queen of Hungary facial mist. We discovered this beautiful brand in London. The toning and protective mist is created with Hungarian healing waters. The fragrance is intoxicating and Jennifer Lopez is said to be fan. A must have!

To keep your complexion glowing and bright try Oskia’s Renaissance mask. This brightening mask is designed to increase cell turnover, boost radiance and packed with OSKIA’s trademark blend of beauty-boosting nutrients. This luxuriously-textured exfoliating mask leaves the complexion smoother, more refined and illuminated. A must have for traveling!

There is nothing quite as dehydrating than a plane ride. Start off smart by applying our new Plant Profusion Energetic Eye Cream and drinking lots of water. The proprietary blend of superior active ingredients improves the appearance of aging skin by protecting, repairing, and rehydrating the eye area. Reapply throughout the flight making sure to get the upper lids as well. If your flight is an overnight journey, apply a generous amount of our Regenerative Eye Cream onto washed skin. This ultra luxurious cream fights against inflammation, irritation and dryness while nourishing the skin with Organic Red Tea and Japanese Seaweed. Put on your sleep mask and you’ll wake up looking refreshed.

As always whether in the air, a car or just simply walking around and SPF is a must. Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your aren’t still getting harmful UV rays. For superior protection with an ultra lightweight feel, try our Sun Visor SPF30 mist. This can be misted on clean skin or over makeup.

Keeping skin hydrated during the Fall will be beneficial come winter time!

One of the most common skincare questions asked is, when to start using an anti aging regimen. By the time your mid 20’s roll around, collagen production has already started slowing down. Collagen is one of three structural proteins that our bodies produce. Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans are the other two, which we will get to. Collagen is responsible for providing tissue and organs strength. As we age collagen is produced less and tissue begins to disconnect thus creating wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin. Elastin also plays a big role in aging, although not as plentiful in the skin as collagen, it is still important. Elastin is responsible for stretching abilities and ‘snapping back’, think of the word ‘elastic’. Once elastin starts to diminish, skin will look saggy, sunken and limp. Glycosaminoglycans are responsible for keeping collagen and elastin supported in the cellular space. If you missed the mid 20’s starting mark, do not worry. The good news is it is never too late to start an anti-aging regimen!

When selecting an anti-aging regimen there are few key types of ingredients to look for, collagen enhancing, elastin production, offer DNA repair, hydrate and brighten. With the introduction of our new collection, Plant Profusion, Dr. Goldfaden created a proprietary complex named PURFLORA that includes ingredients which tackle it all.

CQJ_3239Plant Profusion is an anti-aging collection that is made up of plant stem cells and other supercharged anti-oxidants. This specialize complex, PURFLORA, consists of Raspberry Leaf Extract, Comfrey Stem Cells, White Tea Leaf Extract, Garden Crest Sprouts and Birds of Paradise extract. The benefits result in skin tone and texture improvement, overall brightness + reduction of unwanted pigmentation, increase of the skin barrier function, regenerative cell capacity and DNA repair.

If you are already on a Goldfaden MD regimen and are ready to start using superior anti-aging targeted products, Plant Profusion can be easily incorporated. Focusing on intense skin rejuvenation, hydration and brightness, we created a serum, eye cream, neck cream and night cream. While the new collection was created to enhance the core collection, there can be some confusion in the beginning.  Below are a few questions you may be asking yourself.

Common questions:


1.Can I use The Supreme Serum with Fleuressence oil?

No. Fleuressence is an oil and the new Supreme Serum is oil free. Our suggestions is to use Fleuressence during the day and Supreme Serum at night. Or use one every other day. For intense anti-aging benefits Supreme Serum should be used at least once a day.

2. Can I use Bright Eyes + Energetic Eye Cream together?

Yes. Bright Eyes can be used during the day or during warmer months. Energetic Eye Cream is richer in texture and contains caffeine (de-puff) and Quinoa for its proteins and riboflavins(rebuilds thin skin). Bright Eyes targets darkness and puffiness and Energetic eye Cream targets them as well in addition to rebuilding the thin eye area skin and encouraging collagen production thus getting rid of line and wrinkles.

3. Why can’t I use my neck creams on my face and vice versa?

The Lifting Neck Cream was formulated with specific ingredients(peptides and pink grapefruit oil) to target sagging thin neck skin, along with the horizontal bands and hyper pigmentation that can appear with age. The neck also tends to be drier than the face and needs more moisture. However, people make the mistake of using neck creams that are too heavy-when all they need to a medium weight neck cream. Your neck doesn’t absorb in the same manner the face does, so less is more when it comes to the neck.

Part of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy skin regimen. Starting as soon as possible can take years off your face.