Every January people panic over what type of detox to attempt or foods to eliminate and by the third week, the old bad habits are usually back with vengeance. No need to fall off the wagon before February! So this year we decided to implement healthy choices all year long not just for January. We all know that the key to success is moderation. Instead of trying to quit every bad habit cold turkey, we are going to change it up on monthly basis. Every month we will decrease or eliminate an unhealthy habit. Below are a few tips and tricks to get the year started right!

Limit alcohol intake to once a week. If your job requires a lot of socializing try to drink 1:1- one water to every one alcoholic drink. This will help ward off dehydration.

Limit sugar intake to once a week. The trick with sugar is getting out of your system. Sugar is the devil and really the worst thing for your body. Start reading labels and thinking about what is in the food you eat. Hidden sugars will derail a healthy diet.

Switch dairy to a non-dairy choice. There are so many dairy alternatives available now. Soy, coconut milk, rice milk, and almond milk (which comes in many varieties). First and foremost milk is for baby cow consumption not human consumption. Dairy causes inflammation and is acid forming in our bodies. After pasteurization, all enzymes, proteins and vitamins are destroyed and therefore milk provides no real health benefits.

A fibrous diet is a happy one. If you suffer from constipation or lack of regularity, add a cruciferous vegetable to your diet. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels and Kale all contain phytochemicals, vitamins and are very high in fiber. They are all also crunchy and easy to cook with.

Drink as much water as possible. Eight glasses always sounds like a lot, but it really does help the entire body. Your eyes and skin will be clearer and your body will function at a higher level when hydrated.

Try fasting. Fasting has been proven to help lower blood pressure, lose weight, lower cholesterol, improve insulin sensitivity and improve brain function and clarity. There are many types of fasts. The 5:2 has been written about a lot in the press. The ‘5:2 diet’ is eating normal 5 times a week and the other two days restricting calories to 500. Intermittent fasting consists of fasting everyday for at least 16 hours and then eating in an eight-hour window. Even fasting 24 hours once a week will deliver benefits.






If you’re like most of the millions of people who made a new year’s resolution, now you’re really starting to feel the pressure and possibly the urge to give up. It is now February and all the good reasons you made the resolution are almost a distant memory. Which is why now is the perfect time to kick yourself into gear. First thing first, if you made a resolution and have already derailed, it is never too late to start again. Follow a few easy rules and you’ll be back on track in no time.

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Accountability is crucial when it comes to sticking with a resolution. If your resolution was to lose weight then choose a workout buddy. Set a date and time in advance every week. You will be less likely to cancel if you know your friend is waiting and counting on you. If you really need an extra push try a bootcamp or cross training class that has one on one attention. Many classes have 12-15 people and offer more personalized attention.

Share your resolutions and goals with friends and family. The more people you share with the more support you will receive and the less likely you are to breakdown and quit. Having a strong support system always proves beneficial and can help you reach your goals faster.

Set yourself up for success. Whether you’re trying to kick a bad habit like smoking or drinking, or just drop a few pounds or spend money less frivolously, surround yourself with people that have healthy influences on you. If you have a friend that loves to go out for happy hour everyday, it may be time to invite her to do something else. You can also steer clear of situations that will make you want to fall back into old habits. It usually takes at least 30 days to break a habit and some experts say that 90 is even better!

Think about buying a big calendar and start marking each day you achieve your goal. Get a magic marker and X out each day, this way you will have a visual of your progress.  A vision board can be very helpful too. Regardless of what your vision or goal is, having pictures or inspirational cut out words can help you achieve it!

fashion-blogger-workoutwear-1024x683-1… New workout clothes! Everyone’s on their fitness plan this time of year so I was excited when Sears reached out to me to partner on their amazing active-wear. Yes, we all gained a couple extra this winter, so we should take comfort in knowing that everyone’s in the same boat, BUT unfortunately we don’t. We’re our worst critics – you and I both know this. So if you don’t have motivation already, buy it, and it will come.

workout-clothes-cute-683x1024Working out shouldn’t be a chore; it should be something enjoyable. So start with a good outfit to make you feel great. I picked both Everlast pants and the sports bra from Sears – they have a great selection of basics. I always like to add a pop of color with my runners and mesh is my new favorite addition when finding a good workout outfit. I love that it breathes and it’s lightweight for hot days. The Everlast sports bra is super comfortable with a little extra support, which is great for us that are part of the itty bitty titty club. (Sadly, one of the first things to go when we lose weight! ugh).

IMG_9280-1024x683Lastly, when finding a good routine for working out, just like any other goal in life, make sure it’s attainable so you’re setup for success. I love to dance, so I’ve been starting to go to Hip-hop classes. I also love nature so hiking is my other favorite workout. Chloe and I love Runyan – great people watching. But do what feels right for you, even if it’s a walk with girlfriends. Grab a coffee and have fun walking for 45 minutes catching up about life. You’ll save the calories of happy hour and still get some good girl time in. You’ll probably forget you’re working out, too.

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