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Hi! I’m Elizabeth Law, an interior designer based in Los Angeles.

Being around a table with family and friends is my favorite way to celebrate holidays, special occasions or just spend time together.  A table setting allows for endless creativity, beauty, functionality and it’s always a fun process.  Everyone can get involved and the final product is rewarding!

With holidays approaching, knowing that the table may be a little different this year, I’m sharing a few tips for future tables. 

Stay safe!

Tips for Tablescape:

  1. I look at a Tablescape the same way I do a room, mixing old and new, color, texture with lots of candles and flowers!
  2.  If you can find some great vintage glassware, cutlery or linen, I think it really adds character and sophistication to a table.
  3. Flowers Flowers Flowers!  Floral arrangements reflect the season in the most beautiful way, really bringing in color and texture.
  4. Mix a China pattern with earthenware.  This way it doesn’t feel too stuffy, but still has the traditional elements of a set table, especially when paired with vintage or antique cutlery or glassware.
  5. Lots of Serving dishes, mix up the sizes, this makes it easy to pass things around and also displays food beautifully and use a beautiful glass bottle for water.  I have repurposed beautiful glass tequila bottles for this sort of thing!



Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 2.40.57 PMEvery year we find ourselves scrambling to find the “perfect” gift for all of the special friends, family and colleagues on our list. This year, The Scrubbers select their glam picks for everyone on your list…and they’re sure to leave a lasting a personal impression.

1. Office Sophistication:

Connor NYC engraved season calendar 

2. Design Aficionado:

Adorado Boxes 

3. The World Traveler:

Cashmere Travel Throw Set 

4. Accessories Glamour:

Statement Necklace

5. Hostess:

Gold Bamboo Spoons

6. The Woman Who Has Everything:

Beautiful night loungewear from JCrew

7. Scent of a Woman:

Byredo Parfume, Gypsy Water Barney’s

8. Skincare Junkie:

Goldfaden MD’s Radiant Renewal Starter Kit