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Meet Grace Cotten, Founder of The Soul Market. The Soul Market was born shortly after her return home from a Yoga Teacher Training course in Kerala, India where Grace was inspired by the ancient healing practices and remedies of Ayurveda.

This opened her eyes to the world of natural healing and motivated her to further spread this precious bit of truth to the world. The Soul Market is a way of giving back to our beautiful Mother Earth by encouraging the world to think before they buy and create a hassle-free, finest-quality ingredients guaranteed shopping experience where one feels better about themselves after checkout.

We are so excited to have sat down with Grace to learn more about her journey to enter the beauty space with the launch of her new web store, The Soul Market and beyond.

What Ignited you to start The Soul Market?

I decided to start The Soul Market shortly after my return home from a Yoga Teacher Training I attended in India, last June. I was inspired by the ancient natural healing remedies and practices of Ayurveda and was really excited to further share the message of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

If you could explain The Soul Market…..

The Soul Market is a carefully curated space dedicated to connecting people with the finest green beauty & wellness staples from around the globe.

What is your favorite part of working in the beauty industry?

My favorite part about working in the beauty industry is connecting with other like-minded people/brands – especially within the green beauty industry, I find everyone is so helpful and wants to see everyone succeed and rise together. The sense of community is really the highlight for me.
I also love all the creativity involved with marketing and campaigns – I love working with creatives such as photographers, hairstylists and MUA’s – it’s all about connecting and networking to work towards a joint vision.

What is your favorite beauty trick?

My favorite beauty tricks are the most simple – drink plenty of water each day, exercise every day (the secret to a beautiful glow), and eat your fruits and vegetables!

What is the best piece of advice that anyone has ever given you?

You are a living magnet. If it’s on your mind, it will be in your reality.

How do you practice being more mindful in the world?

As you know, I love Yoga. I find it to be so therapeutic for my mind, body & soul. Even if it’s a less rigorous practice such as yogic breathing – it gives me peace of mind and clarity and it’s so important to take a step back and detach from the outside world for at least 10 minutes per day.
When it comes to sustainability, I’m very mindful of the foods I consume (very limited meat intake) and I am an avid thrift store shopper. I love finding unique and cool used clothing and whenever I am ready to move on from my own old clothes, I always donate them to charity.

What is your goal through The Soul Market? 

My goal through The Soul Market is really just to connect people with green beauty and eco-conscious brands so that my guests can leave my checkout knowing that they have done their part in helping the planet and feel good about themselves in doing so.