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The beauty look we’re loving for Spring 2016 is THE GLOW. An illuminated, flawless-looking complexion radiates the look of health, vitality and fresh energy – everything that Spring represents essentially. The secret to achieving a gorgeous, golden-touched glow starts with the right skincare. A consistent regimen of exfoliation, protection and hydration will create a smooth, even-toned canvas perfect for light, breathable natural-looking makeup.Gee-Beauty-Tinted-P#14D49B1

In warmer temperatures, we like to swap out our foundation for a tinted primer. Gee Beauty’s Prime Skin Tinted Power Primer is the perfect light, breathable, oil-free, hydrating and brightening base that gives great coverage without weighing down or ‘covering’ the skin. The complexion instantly looks fresh, flawless and polished, with a semi-matte finish. Next we like to press a cream blush into cheekbones to create definition and give a pop of nectar-pink color. Using a cream formulation lends well to an illuminated, soft, dewy look. Our best-selling shade Afterglow can even double as color for eyes and lips.

Finish the look with a dusting of bronzer which you can contour the top of the forehead, the temples and under the cheekbone for added definition. The Gee Beauty Fan Brush is a must-have makeup tool to create natural-looking contour because it gently transfers makeup without looking heavy, plus its wide enough you can dust along the jawline, collarbone and shoulders – its essential to blend everything into the hairline and neckline for a flawless finish.Gee_Beauty_Fan_Brush2

Brush brows upward and fill in with our Precision Brow Pencil to create added fullness and to really frame the face (full looking brows give a modern, youthful look and can take years off your appearance).

The look for lips is all about fullness with nude, pink, blush and bright shades. For lips that last, line the outer edges of the lips with pencil and fill in completely, then apply a creamy luxury formula with opaque color to create dimension. A Gee Thing and Hello Gorgeous are the perfect blush-nude and medium-pink hydrating, softening lipsticks with major staying power.


For a little added shimmer, apply a light dusting of illuminating powder along the

tops of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, and just above the center of the lip (the cupid’s bow) to complete the Gee Gorgeous Golden Glow.

Women feel a connection to other women who are moving the needle, seeking change and fueling empowerment through positive messaging around beauty. A GoldfadenMD Woman Who Shines is one who embodies the definition of true beauty. She is happy, radiant & making positive change in society all while embodying a true likeness for natural beauty regimens & skincare routines. Below, meet Anna Jepson. She is a woman who shines.


1. What’s your name & occupation?

My name is Anna Jepson, and I am a graphic designer, stylist, and art director. I also run the site LadyandLike.com, where you can find all of my work. Generally, if I am creating, I am happy.

2. Describe your beauty routine.

I tend to be pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty and skincare. I use a simple, non-abrasive cleanser with a lightweight moisturizer. I always use concealer under my eyes, and then throw on some bronzer, a pinch of blush, a quick swoop across my lids for a very subtle cat-eye, and then mascara. I have started adding masks and exfoliants in a few times a week, which keeps my skin bright.

3. What are three things that you absolutely cannot live without.

Sad to say it, but my iPhone. I’m so plugged in on social media and email that it is essential to keep around all the time. I’m also always scouting the next best photo ;). Then it would be my collection of Steinbeck books. I have editions spanning the last 65 years, almost all of his works, and even a first edition I found at a used bookstore in New Jersey. It may be one of the nearest things to my heart. The last one is a good cup of coffee. Put all of those together and you’ve got my ideal Saturday. 😉

4. What is your favorite part about being a woman?

I really love this question and I’m glad you asked. As taboo as it might be, I love the “traditional” roles of being a woman. Today, gender roles and characteristics are becoming less defined, but I will always embrace the role a woman can play in care taking and hospitality. To be able to be freely warm and engaging to people, and open your home as a way to deepen community is such a great gift that we have. My great grandmother and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen together when I was little, and I think it has shaped a lot of who I am today.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received as a woman?

“You are a treasure.” It has stayed with me since I was 16, and I think it has given me the strength to carry myself with dignity and respect. Women put up with a lot because society says it is okay, but it is not, and those four words remind me to hold myself to that truth, and not what society says.

6. Define beauty.

To me, beauty in a woman, is speaking graciously, carrying yourself modestly, and being considerate of those around you.

7. Tell us why you love Doctors Scrub Advanced as much as we do 🙂

I have more sensitive skin, so I only use a little at at time, but my skin is always so much brighter and taut afterwards. I like that it isn’t a scrub made of big beads or sugar, etc. It feels more sophisticated, and better for the environment! It’s unlike any other scrub I have ever used. Pure Start is also a favorite of mine. It lays on so smoothly and feels so clean.


Want to see more of Anna? Follow her on Instagram @AnnaJepson.

Summertime can be just as harsh on hair as wintertime. Sun, swimming and over-styling,to keep frizz away, can cause dry and brittle hair. Here is a novel idea- let’s be natural! Instead of frying our hair with blowouts and straight irons, let’s let our inner curl out! You know how good you hair looks and feels after a day at the beach, well that is the look we are going for. Surfer-princess hair! Our favorite GOLDFADEN girl Kate Hudson knows how to rock this look perfectly!

aaThe beachy hair or surfer princess look is in and it’s not a hard to achieve. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you probably wake up looking beachy- so you’re ahead of the game. To enhance waves and volume while diminishing frizz use Bumble’s Surf Spray. Straight haired girls this is good for you too.

Another way to get languid, slept in looking hair is to use bobbie pins. Yes, old fashioned but still my go-to for self styling. After you wash your hair let it air dry and before it is completely dry twist pieces of hair and pin them to your head. This will create a natural curl(very good for straight haired girls). After hair is dry, take out the pins and run your fingers thru and then finish off with a texturizing spray like Oribe. This will give you a little crunch and hold.

Put down the hair dryer and tools, your hair will thank you! Tell us any fun tips you have to get this summery sexy look.