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Over the next few months, we will share Dr. G’s thought process and choices for ingredients and formulating. This week we sat down with him to learn about the ‘Power of the Flower’, and why something as ordinary as a floral arrangement on your table, could save your skin.

“The integrity and purity in plant and botanically derived ingredients is one of the forefronts of our brand. We use high levels of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, plant stem cells and floral extracts to provide a vital spectrum of benefits for the skin without being compromised by fillers and inactive ingredients.” Dr. Goldfaden

Every product in our collection has a reason for being and represents a solution to a skin problem. On the heels of our two newest launches, Detox Hydrating Gel, and Skin Balancing Mask, you may have noticed a plethora of floral extracts and plant/floral stem cells as ingredients. Here is Dr. G’s dictionary on ‘The Power of the Flower’.

Found in our proprietary DETOX ComplexTM (Detox Gel + Detox Cleanser)

*Cowslip Primrose which helps bruising, may help eliminates toxins

*Veronica Officinalis: anti-inflammatory benefits, astringent properties, soothing and rich in tannins

*Mallow: soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

Found in The Skin Balancing Mask

*Elderflower: promotes blood flow, loaded with vitamins A, B, C, E

*Calendula/Marigold: good for moisturizing, soothing, pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties

*Geranium Extract: calming, anti-bacterial, astringent

Found in Bright Eyes

*Arnica- helps with bruising and the darkness involved and contains flavonoids, polysaccharides, and sesquiterpene lactones. Also contains the beneficial oil, thymol, clinically shown to cause the smooth muscles in your blood vessel walls to contract, thereby dilating them and increasing blood flow and circulation. Bye-bye bruising and swelling!

Found in Fleuressence Botanical Oil

*Milk thistle: Fatty acids, including linoleic acid, Vitamin E (antioxidant/environmental stressors, Silymarin, which is actually a group of three flavonoids (anti-aging, antioxidant purposes from environmental stressors).

*Rosehip seed oil: Brightening properties due to Vitamins A + C, hydrating and antioxidant benefits.

*Chickweed: A super food, good for inflammation, referred to as ‘skin healer’, full of fatty acids.

Found in Facial Detox Mask

*Japonica flower: one of the most important medicinal herbs in history, may provide extraordinary levels of calming properties. Loaded with key benefits to improve the appearance of flaws.

*Comfrey leaf extract: wound healing

*Camellia leaf extract: moisturizing, the transdermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients, helps restore the bounce to skin.

Found in The Plant Profusion Collection

*Japonica Flower extract: One of the most important medicinal herbs in history, it may provide extraordinary levels of calming properties. Loaded with key benefits it works to improve the appearance of flaws.

*Comfrey Stem Cell: Used since ancient times for its extensive properties, these stem cells to make skin feel firmer and appear smoother, resulting in a smoother and plumper complexion.

*Birds of Paradise: Derived from White Bird of Paradise, this multi-functional ingredient works to restore skin’s youthful glow by improving the appearance of skin color and tone.

So the next time you’re applying your serum or mask you can feel like you’re actually putting a bouquet of flowers on your face.  Stay tuned for next time when we will discuss the use and importance of plant stem cells.




Valentine’s Day doesn’t always need to be red roses, champagne and chocolate. Try something a little outside the box this year by taking your beloved on a culinary adventure in your own kitchen, a look at the universe night’s sky or a simple movie and dessert at home.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.49.12 PMPhoto via Blue Apron

Valentine’s Day is about love and passion, so why not ignite some of your senses by cooking a meal together. Whether you love it or loathe it, cooking is a sensual activity that can be fun, yummy and builds couple’s skills. If you’re not good in the kitchen try a food delivery service like Blue Apron. Blue Apron specializes in fresh pre-measured ingredients along with the corresponding recipe and step by step instructions right to your front door. All you have to do is wear something flirty, light the candles and you’re ready to go.

If you live in a warm climate you can goto to an outdoor star gazing party. Likewise if you live in a cold climate you can check with your local planetarium to see if they have any shows or perhaps an open observatory night. A cute way to top off this outing is to add a book on astronomy or a portable telescope. You can have your sweetheart open the gift beforehand and give them a few hints as to where you’re going. Check ahead of time to see if alcohol is allowed and if not the a thermos of hot chocolate will be delicious!

Whether you’re spending the day with your beloved, friends or even alone (and yes this is normal!)There is nothing like a movie and favorite take out food at home. Get a bunch of white candles and light them all over the room for the best lighting that makes everyone feel happy and relaxed. Order in your favorite food and watch your favorite rom-com.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12.53.17 PMPhoto via The Courtney Lee Collection

For all you men reading this jewelry is still loved by all and we don’t necessarily need diamonds. Take a look at two of our favorite jewelry sites for ideas for your special someone. The Courtney Lee Collection offers couture and fine jewelry   http://www.courtneyleecollection.com use code vday 15 for 15% off all! If you want something more earthy but still incredibly beautiful and trend setting try Merchant Society http://www.themerchantsociety.com.

Another thoughtful gift and fun way to give back is to purchase our Hands to Heart hand treatment. Not only will this transform, soften and repair damaged and dry skin, we also donate 10% of all proceeds to The American Heart Association!

Whatever your choice for Saturday remember to show some love to the most important person, yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!