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I love to workout. Yes, I’m one of those crazy people. I’m instantly in a better mood after a workout, I feel accomplished and in shape, which makes me feel like I can conquer anything. I realize that’s not the case for everyone but it IS a very important part of our lives important to keep ourselves healthy, beautiful (on the inside and out) and to being able to give the best of ourselves to others. It also doesn’t hurt that regular exercise releases endorphins and elevates moods, and helps control weight and fight disease. So what are you waiting for?!

While I may not have you jumping out of your seat just quite yet, I know these amazing high fashion workout pieces will. Fashionable workout gear will add that motivation you need and give you one extra reason to workout.  You never know, you may even meet that special someone at the juice bar after class.

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jesse Alexander not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. A master indoor

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cycling instructor at Flywheel Sports, Jesse has lost over 70 lbs and transformed his body, mind and life into perfection that people line up to ride with and learn from. After studying at The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, Jesse had a successful career as a massage therapist for over 11 years, which armed him with an in depth understanding of the human body and exercise physiology. Jesse’s classes are challenging, full of positivity and always fun! His motto is “make it sexy, keep it sexy” and it shows when you see the following of devotees he has developed. When Jesse isn’t whipping NYC into shape, he is spending time with his wife and daughter.

A sit down with Jesse:

What do you eat for breakfast?

In the past few months I’ve cut out dairy and gluten-so I’m always eating a ton of protein. Egg whites, vegetables or oatmeal are my main breakfast meals. And of course coffee with almond milk.

What is your daily exercise routine?

I teach 13 times a week. I don’t usually ride throughout the class, so that I can give individual attention to my riders. I take two classes a week at the fhitting room, which is a HIT boutique fitness studio. I also goto Barry’s Bootcamp a few times a week and ride at Flywheel twice a week.. The key to getting and staying in shape is to never let your body get comfortable- you gotta mix it up.

What is the secret to weight loss?

For me changing my diet along with my exercise routine did the trick. Junk food and sugar are killers and they had to go. Knowing what to eat and when to eat it is a big part of it too. Indoor cycling and weights (building lean muscle mass) really helped me to drop the weight fast. Recently cutting out dairy and gluten really got my body to the next level.

Favorite quote?

“Change your body, change your life.”

Most proud of body part?

My Biceps. Not easily achieved. Constant push-ups which also work my chest/back and triceps.

This post was written by our Blogger Ambassador, Kate Hiipakka of The Four Percent. Enjoy!

You can work out all you want, but if you’re eating sh*t, you won’t get anywhere. There is a fitness adage that states, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and a (unofficial) ratio that claims weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. It may seem extreme, but it’s true. Nutrition has to be aligned if you want to see results in your body. This is coming from a girl who could eat French fries and ice cream with every meal, so believe me, I feel your pain.

Eating clean is more than just incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily meals. A lot of thought and preparation is required so it’s important to make your meal plan as efficient and effective as possible. Personally, I am not vegan or vegetarian, I don’t follow a specific diet and I do not have any dietary restrictions or allergies.  I structure my meals to be consumed every 2-3 hours – each including a protein source in combination with fruits or vegetables, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. I’ll add some fine print right here – I am not a nutritionist, but I’ve play around with A LOT of nutritional components and have done a lot of research. I’ve found the below outline to be really effective.

Breakfast: protein + fruit (or veg)
Snack: protein + fruit + healthy fat
Lunch: protein + vegetable + carbohydrate
Snack: protein + fruit
Dinner: protein + vegetable + carbohydrate


Check out this very BASIC breakdown for more deets:


This can be anything from beans, fish, poultry or lean beef. A major benefit of any protein source is that it keeps you full and provides vital nutrients to build muscle and keep your metabolism charged. Protein is essential for muscles to gain mass (read: “tone”) and recover after hard workouts. Load up!


I’m talking about starches, fruits, whole grains, or vegetables. Basically, carbs provide the energy that fuels muscle growth. After consumption carbohydrates breakdown into smaller parts that get absorbed by our bods and are used as energy.


Healthy fats:

Think oils, avocados, nuts or seeds. Healthy fats benefit our bodies, but should be consumed in moderation, so go easy, a table spoon of olive oil or almond butter, half an avocado, or a handful of almonds does the trick. These babies will help aid heart health, keep arteries flexible and support overall health.

Regardless of eating habits the golden rule should be: eat when you’re hungry, and stay hydrated.

Please note: the above are all whole food sources, the less crap from a box labeled “low fat” or “fat free” you put into your body the better. True story.