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Spring:  For those of us on East Coast (or…pretty much anywhere but California and Florida) who experienced the worst winter in 5 years, we could all use something to look forward to as the weather slowly warms up.  Take a look at my favorite on-trend kicks for spring and summer.  I’m dying for some warm weather, so I can put my polished toes into all of these trends. Seriously.
Those lucky enough to live in California or Florida you can go ahead and try these out now!
Great to make summer dresses or long shorts super sexy
To add a funky vibe to a white suit or cropped pants


Coachella Music Festival is just days away and marks the kick-off of festival season. If you’ve never attended Coachella or a similar music festival, I highly suggest you do at one point in your life. People from around the world come together for three days of music, sunshine, and fashion.

Three days in the dessert sun can be exhausting, especially if you mix in dancing, drinking and being on your feet for nearly 10 hours per day. With that said, we’ve put together a packing list of what you should wear & bring to Coachella.

What to Wear:

There are a few things you want to think about when prepping your festival outfits:

1. Comfort – Unless you’re planning on making a few outfit changes throughout the day, you’ll be wearing your outfit from day to night. The dessert is HOT, I mean REALLY HOT, so you’ll want to make sure your clothing is light and airy.

2. Shoes – Shoes also fall under the comfort category but I separated them because they deserve extra attention. Like any evening out or day at Disneyland,  wearing the wrong shoes can literally ruin your experience. Not only will you be walking all day, but there are hundreds of thousands of people in these crowds and it’s likely you’ll get stepped on from time to time. Please don’t wear heels or even wedges for that matter, you’ll look completely insane.

3. Creativity – Festival season is like Halloween in the way that you should have fun with your outfit. Do you not normally wear feathers in your hair? ROCK THEM. Henna tattoo? GO FOR IT. Funky hat that your boss won’t approve of? It’s welcome at Coachella. One tip: just don’t overdo it.

Here are some of our favorite looks for you to get inspiration from:


The Victoria’s Secret Angels doing their thing.


Yes, overalls and Chucks ARE making a comeback!


Dress up a simple look with a fun hat, tie a flannel or denim shirt around your waist incase it gets chilly in the evening.
hbz-Coachella-street-style-041513-02-deIf you’re not one to usually wear crop tops, a festival is the perfect place to try this look.

What to Bring:

1. An empty water bottle. While the festival doesn’t allow you to bring in any liquids, there are quite a few fill-up stations around the grounds. If you aren’t into tap water, don’t fret. There are a bunch of stands that sell water for a dollar or two, just be sure to bring cash. You MUST stay hydrated!!!

2. Sunscreen. If there is one thing you learn from us, it’s to take care of your skin. That means applying, reapplying and re-reapplying SPF throughout the day. Try our Sun Visor, it can be sprayed on over your makeup and won’t leave a trace of product behind!

3. Sunglasses. Again, hours in the sun. Do yourself a favor and bring two or even three pairs in case they get lost on one of the days.

4. Hand sanitizer. Using portable restrooms is never the cleanest experience. Make sure to bring hand sanitizer (I recommend the wipes) so you can stay clean at all times.

5. A rechargeable cell phone battery or case. Taking photos, videos, SnapChats, Instagram pics, tweeting, Facebooking, etc means one thing: your phone is going to die if you don’t have a way to charge it. I recently came across this lipstick-sized charger but there are other options such as a case for your phone that also acts as a backup battery.

6. Chapstick. Don’t wake up the next morning with chapped-lips. It’s not cute.

7. A small purse. You’re probably wondering where to put your ID, cash, sunscreen, etc. Bring a small & secure purse or backpack to carry all of your necessities. I recommend a cross-body purse that stays on you really well. While there are lockers to store your things in, they can be pricey and walking back and forth to them is not fun.

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Kristen Conahan from Style Wax Poetic is a Goldfaden MD Ambassador and our go-to girl for all things fashion-related. She shared some of her Spring Picks with The Daily Scrub and we are DYING to get our hands on every single piece! Shop the look below by following the links under the image!SPRING-EDIT-1024x964

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I love EVERYTHING about this week’s edit and I’m so excited to share it with you. With SS14 collections hitting stores and the sun starting to warm up the east, the moods are changing and everyone is starting to think about their apparel choices in a whole new way. Can you feel it? I love how clothes can completely transform your mood – some say it’s fashion is superficial, I say fashion is the #GAMECHANGER. Change your clothes, change your mood. Welcome to spring, beauties!