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Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes result from blood escaping from tiny facial capillaries that have been compromised. Topical products in conjunction with a few easy DIY tips can get your eye area healthy, hydrated and bright!


Do It Yourself ideas:

Dr. G says, “Sleep with your head slightly elevated. Fluid retention occurs while we sleep because we are lying flat and circulation can be affected. Excess sugar, salt and alcohol will add to fluid retention. Consumption of all these pollutants can escalate swelling and puffiness to the eyes and face.”


  • Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase. This will keep skin from drying out as cotton absorbs oil.
  • Sleeping on silk pillowcases or wearing a silk eye mask can also help reduce face lines/creases in the morning and not tug on the skin as you move throughout the night (less wrinkles)!
  • Put a cool air humidifier next to the bed to keep skin hydrated
  • Ice in the morning can help relieve puffiness
  • Lymphatic drainage (start near the tear duct and massage upwards and across the brow bone. Pay attention to the sinus area as well)
  • Try keeping Red tea bags in the freezer. Red Tea helps with inflammation and redness!

Ingredients to look for in topical eye treatments

  • Arnica + Vitamin K- Arnica is used for muscle soreness and inflammation and Vitamin K is helps to stop bruising and bleeding under the skin. A powerhouse combo!
  • Soy + Rice bran peptides- have been shown to inhibit elastase and collagenase, (these break down collagen and elastin in the skin) and can help the skin retain its natural firmness.
  • Quinoa seed extract-high levels of Riboflavins-protein to rebuild thinning skin
  • Caffeine- depuffs!